26 June 2008

Married to God?

a group of nuns chilling at the pub

Now this is a huge conundrum readers,

Recently, in Venezuela there were two nuns who applied for a renewal of their passport. In the civil status, they checked themselves as married, which was "corrected" by the consul as single. But I do not blame the nuns, for is it not that they became married to Jesus Christ? Likewise, the priest becomes married to Jesus Christ - is this not the essence of same sex marriage? I think it is readers. I think it is.

What do you think?

Was God bi-sexual? Or are priests secretly allowed to be gay in the RC church?
The church had hidden away thousands and thousands of child molestation cases in order to protect some monsters in cassocks. The RC church was forced to come clean and pay for the sins of the church after fifty years of constant denial. They were guilty all along. We all new it. Maybe they're also protecting a wide spread acceptance of the 'gay' priests as well. I believe the church knows that 50-70% of priests are gay.

Is it not ironic that the Roman Catholic mob is
against gay marriage, but in their ceremonies priests and nuns became married to Jesus Christ. This clearly shows the priest entering into a same sex marriage with God. Unless God was a eunuch and had no penis. Who would be the man and who would be the woman? UHG! Stereotypes! We all know God would be on top. He always is.

So the priest does marry another man!
So are all priests homosexual?
Because mine sure was.
He could not wait to get into my pants.
The worst kind of priest.


giving communion?
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