07 June 2008

Marta...... My Woman Crush

Please indulge me with this post dear readers. 
This is entry 301. 
Milestone for the blog!

This is Marta. I met her on Boracay.
Now THIS is a really beautiful girl. Inside and out.
She is my woman crush. Grrrrr!!!!!
She has become a very special Boracay friend. I have so many now.
That was one year, I did NOT waste readers. It was the biggest year of my life so far.

FaceBook is brilliant because I get to keep in touch and look at everyones photos. I just LOVE FaceBook.
Marta and I partied one night at Hey Jude bar and she grabbed my hat and I took this picture.
She is the most beautiful woman I've ever met. Just perfect to stare at.
Men are putty in her hands.
If I was straight, Marta would be my girl. I would walk over glass to be hers.
She would have me too!
We partied again at Juice bar, and I watched the men just practically pass out when she would be near to them. She is that fucking gorgeous. And it all comes effortlessly and without pretension. Just pure goodness and beauty. My crowd loved her. We ALL thought she was spectacular to look at.
I often wonder what man would be good enough for her.
Absolute goddess. Who could possibly deserve to have something that gorgeous hanging off their arm. I mean, she is a REAL prize.

The vast majority of gay men love woman. We know them so well. They know we know them too. Its no mystery.
That's why gays become great friends so quickly, with girls. With anyone really.
But because were not straight men.
Gays rock! And so do woman.
And so does Marta! Whoo hoo!
Marta has no idea about my blog , but I just had to put her picture on it, so you can see my ideal girl. 
She is divine.
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