13 June 2008

The Right to Party? For Sure!

Jenni and Me at Martini Bar

Below is part of the invitation for the Independence Day Party at Embassy.
Thanks Jenni. I found it on your blog. Nice blog by the way.
We should link each other. Kidding.

I like the party invite. Its bright, colorful (a bit Moulin Rouge/Russian?), and I'm sure it will be a hoot! The graphic designers sure earned their pesos. All two hundred and fifty I'm sure.
But I'm concerned.
What blogger do they want to kill?
I hope its not me. I thought we were friends?
You know I like to party too!
I feel
sooo left out.
Misunderstood Jen.

Anyways Manila kids, have fun at this party.
If I was there, I would come.
Could you imagine Jenni?
Do you think Tim Yap would ex me some drinks?
He should, after all the publicity I've given his 'super' club.

But, I would be soooo egged at the front doors!

Booooo, booooooo, hissssss, hissssss.
I love it!
And the VVVVVVVVVVVVIP room would for sure, be off limits to me.
But I've been there already. Its not that hot.
Coke snorting privacy though which is great I suppose.

Embassy states-

The right to party. The right to get drunk. The right to stay sober. The right to puke. The right to mispel wurds. The right to take a shit. The right to play. The right to care. The right to give a damn. The right to be repetitive. The right to celebrate. The right to surf. The right to be right. The right to murder bloggers in their sleep. The right to suck. The right to spit. The right to swallow. The right to sleep. With anyone, anywhere. The right to be gone in the morning. The right to a one night stand. The right to break hearts. The right to be vain. The right to call in sick. The right to sing. The right to shop. The right to wear Gucci. The right to get hot. The right to smoke tobacco. The right to snort cocaine. The right to vote. The right to chat. The right to lie. The right to left. The right to grow hair. The right to make love, not war. The right to be inspired. The right to be gay. The right to be gay. The right to rock n’ roll. The right to sing in the shower. The right to fake an orgasm. The right to make a difference. The right to be free.

I could not agree more, especially the gay part. TWICE! We're proud now are we Timmy? I'm glad you've come to terms with your homo ass loving sexuality. It suits you love. Your club is proud of its reputation as a drug den?
I am so happy to hear that you are a proud gay man now. Instead of hiding with shame behind your 'Empire'.

Guilt FREE!

But I will still sleep with one eye open.

But wait, there's MORE!

Geeez... The little worm does'nt really get it. Ai'nt nothin' wrong with partying (partying is fabulous) but statements like... Tim Yap said consciences were not bothered by the yawning gap between rich and poor in the city. Tim says "There is this mind-set, which I think is so passe, that says: ‘The country is in shambles and the country is having a hard time and you are out there partying.’ But this generation is guiltless when it comes to that." Reuters

The maggot should learn a thing or two with societies Doyen, the late
Chito Madrigal-Collantes; "Call me old-fashioned, but I continue to be shocked by people who aggressively seek the limelight and even corrupt the media to achieve their self-aggrandizement. In my time, good form demanded that we avoid too much exposure… Especially in the context of prevalent conditions, widespread poverty, crime and social injustice, it behooves all not to give scandal by conspicuous consumption."

The little worm is so calloused. He has no conscience. He never learns! He makes me sick.

Tiny Tim Yap and Celine 'Fauxpez' Lopez
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