14 June 2008

Tim Yap and The STAR- TOXIC Combination

How can The STAR newspaper employ a well known coke dealer and drug user like Tim Yap?

The invitation for Tim's latest party at Embassy says it all.
He promotes the use of illegal drugs on his premises.
He is best friends with the three biggest drug dealers in Manila.
Xeng Zulueta being one of them of course.
He lets them roam his club and sell their drugs.
And Tim Yap gets a cut from all the profits. In one way or another.

The Star has lost so much credibility because of Tim Yap, DJ Montano and Celine Lopez.
Yes, they fired DJ, but they really need to fire Celine and Tim as well.
The STAR = COCAINE as long as these people remain at this paper.

But the STAR newspaper continues to promote Tim Yap
and his drug fueled parties at Embassy.
Even though he is a drug pusher, he is still
supreme at the STAR.
The Embassy is a massive drug den and must be closed down.

But the police don't care.
The government does not care about the youth of Manila.
And neither does The STAR newspaper.
Boycott the STAR.
This paper promotes the use of drugs by continuing to employ Tim Yap who is at the very center of all things illegal and immoral in Manila.
Is it because the children of famous people party at Embassy?
Are the police afraid to bust this Drug Den for fear of who is inside?
This is the
big problem in Manila.
The invitation to the Independence Day Party clearly states that there would be cocaine at this party.
Will the police investigate this?
Will there be undercover cops inside the club from now on?
Perhaps near the toilets or the VVVVVVVVVVVIP room?

Where is TV Patrol when you need them?

Tim Yap
MUST be fired from the Star.

Party on!
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