25 June 2008

Siesta Looking Beautiful

my girl looking VERY healthy indeed.

siesta is just simply a perfect dog

I'm so very lucky to know the people who have adopted my Boracay dog Siesta. They're the most wonderful people who take such brilliant care of her. There's another Golden Retriever in the immediate family, so Siesta has a friend to play with. I receive photo's when ever I request them. They know how much I LOVED my dear dog, and they love her now too. Bless Siesta's new owners. I know she loves you all. And I love you for taking her and the stress away from my heart when I had to leave her in Manila.
My heart is about to break again. I have four more days with my precious dogs. I worship my dogs and will miss them dreadfully. It happens to us all I suppose at one time or another. Oh well, must cope.

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