24 June 2008

Implosion of Lies

Lets Dish!

Celine Lopez (Fauxpez)- written in her copious self-serving press releases is she that she graduated from the UAP (University of Asia and the Pacific). Call her school; she never graduated. She never even had a decent grade. LIAR!

Veteran journalist
Vergel Santos finally published the book “Worse than Free”. The oldest newspaper “The Manila Times” was taken away from John Gokongwei (Kitty Go’s kin), through an angry ex-Pres. Estrada’s crony Mark Jimenez aka Marcel Crespo. Barely, 3 months after it resumed publication Gucci Gang’s MARCEL CRESPO claimed 60%stake and fucked it up big time. Now it’s in the brink of total bankruptcy.

Gucci Gang’s Pepper Teehankee was never a MENSA’n (association of geniuses) as he claimed neither did he finish his college in Ateneo.

Tiny Tim Yap was not born rich as he claims. He used to drive a delivery truck going to Giraffe Bar. Maybe he just forgot!

Everything white-washed happens in the Makati Police station. Death of Joel anyone?

Keeping it real.
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