20 June 2008

The Tales of Delilah

Samson and Delilah


By Amiel Aguilar Cabanlig(YEHEY CONTRIBUTOR)
(Fourth installment of ten)

Picture this: tales of decadence, posh nectars, phones galore and the finest caviar in a postcard-pretty “Fantasy Island” theme party. All these are but a bittersweet saga of the recent past. And yes, these proceedings have been immortalized in print as a cautionary tale to one and all, that there is an end to all the freebees and swag bags.

What’s more, a yearly induction and expulsion of new clique members characterizes the secret society of the VVVVIP set. Boracays isolated chic hotel is the setting of choice, an apt venue where this mythmaking was started. Such tales are what urban legend is made of.

One day your in, the next day your out; tsk, tsk! The bigger you are, the harder you fall. Project runaway, led by a last season’s it-girl, played king-maker to devoted peons who came to her beck and call. Mythical as it may seem, the legend of the fall is as real as it can get. As legends go, these are how life’s lessons are imparted!

With an unparalleled thirst to feed their “vanities”, the swinging camera whores morphed into an organized quasi-vulgar social sorority of sorts that swiftly went on top of the food chain. For a moment, they seized the limelight like a thief in the night. A mere flash in the pan, they over extended their fifteen minutes of fame into eternal shame!

Quickly gaining a foothold in their social niche, they developed the belligerence of wide-eyed upstarts. This brat pack followed a hollow social diktat, led by it-girl and her fair-haired golden boy. Like pretentious lemmings that blindly play follow-the- leader…they plunged into the river wild..

But hey, it takes two to tango, so they say. Fueling their conspiracy were corporate mavens, who wittingly predated on the dreams and schemes of these social moths. Using the age-old tools of marketing and public relations and expediently tailor-fitting it to serve personal aggrandizement, they made a mockery of the system. The once established benign rules of public relations were turned into a big joke. Publishers lost funds; ads turned into junkets for self proclaimed celebrity journalists on the fast lane.
They shot to instant fame like a “razor” sweeping the social landscape. Their “moto” was seizing the day; one, two…tie my “shu”.

It-girl established a labyrinthine protocol of control by which her “in crowd” imposes their will on others. Particularly, those who kiss her ring like fauns to a goddess. But in turn, she was enslaved by her own imposition.

Who ever thought that a mere blog, which turned out to be the “mother of all blogs”, would be the weapon of their mass destruction? Now that truth has prevailed, denial is in vogue; instant amnesia is the name of the game. Stop feigning innocence; can someone please pass the pepper shaker!

One can only surmise that the secret of their over-night success was the cause to their over-night downfall. Now that explains why lemmings plunge to their own demise!
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