07 June 2008

Tony Hotung- GAY?

Wendy Puyat and Tony Hotung
Photo courtesy of chikatime.com

Rumors about Wendy Puyat's VERY messy, bitter divorce are firing up the blog world.
I can't imagine why. She may be very pretty (to some), but she is also a huge trampolina. Hong Kong is a buzz with tiddle- taddle about the disastrous Hotung-Puyat marriage.
We all know Wendy is a whore who cheated on her husband. Those are the facts.
As you all know, I spent the weekend with both Wendy and her adulterous man candy last year on Boracay. He was divine. I would have jumped him too given half the chance. He's like TRIPLE HOT man!
Wendy was a very lucky girl! She still is if he's still fucking her.
I could see the outline of his wanger in his swimming trunks.
BIG too! Really big!
Good work Wendy. I was so jealous.
DJ was slobbering too.
But Tony Hotung was cute too, in a very gayish sort of way.
I'd do him.

Tony Hotung was GAY? Could this be true?
Is everyone fucking gay now?
I used to feel special.
But now it seems, that everyone likes cock.

This is not just a rumor anymore peeps. Far too many people have been writing, telling me that Wendy's soon to be ex husband is a fully paid up member of Cher's official fan club. Like the old song goes peeps, Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves. So now I can understand if Wendy left Tony because he was a queer.

Even I've had to leave a queer or two. They can be hard work.

Wendy should have secured her money and jewellery FIRST, before she contorted her body into into yet another yoga pose and got her ass into this bitter pickle. Because now, she is desperate to find a way to GET money from the Hotung family as opposed to PAYING alimony to Tony.

Wendy's family (although hideously embarrassed by their slutty daughters actions), will support her of course. They have no choice, do they?
I can't imagine the humiliation the Puyat family is experiencing now.
What shame.

Wendy is so trashy. I hated being around her. Such a snobby arrogant bitch.
Self centered spoiled rotten toe rag. I've tried to call her, but she won't answer.
Hmmm, I wonder why.
I've not told everything I know about her.
Timing is everything.

It would be so ironic, if Tony was a big fat bender, because Wendy told me that it was her gorgeous Nordic chakra humping boy-toy who was the actual faggot. Wendy never learns.
Stop lying to people Wendy. You hurt them and they retaliate against you.

Who would have you now Wendy?
You're tired looking already, and your getting up there love.
You're a confirmed liar, cheater, gold digger and of course you are a social pariah now, in both Manila and Hong Kong. As it should be.
You were VERY , lucky to get into the Hotung family.
They are so happy to be rid of you now. Well they're almost rid of you.
That's been confirmed too!

Celine, your next. Your days are numbered. When your De Beers diamond dud Francois Delage dumps your hairy little monkey ass, you'll too realise that you will always suffer ramifications for your actions and behaviour. What you did to me will always follow you around Celine.
You may not be BFF with DJ Montano anymore love, but you were when you helped orchestrate the devastation thrown at my feet.

Some of Celine's new boyfriend's ex girlfriend's have written me on face book. WOW.
I have some serious shit lined up for the up coming week.

Celine, your toast!
And Tony, if you read this and you are a fag, call me babe!
Your hot mate!

Wendy Puyat
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