22 June 2008


Xoxo, Xeng Zulueta

Saturday, June 21, 2008
Search Supreme.ph for Xeng Zulueta and chances are, you’ll find a lot of stuff on this girl. Way back when Shu was a baby brand in the Philippines, we’ve been working with Xeng since our Super! days, and this elite makeupartist has made quite a name for herself in the beauty industry transforming the faces of local showbiz and style royalty.

Last week, however, the fashion and beauty industry lit abuzz when they learned that Shu Uemura chief make up artist Xeng Zulueta said goodbye to her employment with L’Oreal Philippines. Now, before any of you begins to utter a word, here it is, straight from Xeng.

“Rumors are circulating that I got fired, etc. In truth, my resignation was sentenced last June 2. Although it seems very abrupt and sudden, the truth is I was planning to turn in my resignation next year, February ’09.

“I have a project that’s been in the works for February ’09 but it got advanced to July of this year. And since I’ve commited to this project, I’ve decided to say goodbye to employment with L’Oreal.

“In line with the changes happening inside L’Oreal, former Shu Uemura product manager Tessa Dragon’s promotion to corporate communications manager, it wouldn’t be fair to leave a new and young team behind while I’m doing a personal project abroad.

“I still have an international non-compete clause for one year. For all the shoots I do, it will all still be credited with the brand. With an artist team of 12, I’m more than confident that the brand is left in the best of hands. I could never imagine representing another brand so my loyalty to it remains unwavered and intact.

“It was a decision like all the life-altering decisions I’ve made in my life. Freeing myself from employment comes from a “must” rather than a “want.” No way do I see this as a farewell but more like stay tuned for the next big thing that’s coming.

“No room for tears, I have to react to the changes around me. In this industry. if you don’t act quickly, opportunities will pass you by.” — Tim Yap

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