11 July 2008

But Wait There's More!

millet martinez mananquil


I'm no longer chanting as I type!

It gets harder for me everyday to be nice with certain people.
I'm so tired of this corruption at the STAR.
It must be discussed again.

Who is this CRIMINAL dear readers?

This person scoops up over twenty thousand pesos PER month for every big PR firm in the Philippines multiplied by 17 firms= 340,000 pesos a month going to PR corruption at the STAR. Jail her NOW! This is 'cash for comment' which SHOULD be made ILLEGAL in the Philippines. Way too many people accept this type of corruption, because its another subtle form of it. And this woman has been VERY VERY naughty over the years.
Bleeding her paper of so much of its most important and desperately needed assets (morals, ethics, dignity, credibility, money and good will) has the been her motivation from the beginning of her somewhat murky career at the STAR.

This practice is
VERY illegal in most countries around the world.
And in a third world country, one should hang for it.
Corruption of all kinds is keeping the masses poor.

Corruption and Catholicism.

Until there's something other than a God given balance in Filipino society (the ENTIRE society, not just the 'HIGH' one), people like her should be banned from all forms and types of media. All corruption should be weeded out and entirely done away with.

I'm inspired by Australia which has spent the better part of twenty years doing battle with and winning the war against corruption. The police corruption was smashed to bits. All other forms of corruption have also been destroyed. HUGE jail terms have been handed out to MEGA rich CEO's and the like. No one is safe in Australia if you're corrupt. Our jail sentences are massive which is the BEST deterrent against the crime itself.
Although Australia is an enormous country land wise, our population is very small.
If corruption has a chance to take hold, it would take one hundred times longer to eradicate it from society.
Only when corruption is eliminated (for the MOST part) can any society move forward with determination, pride and purpose.
When the fundamental back bone of ones nation is corruption,
everyone loses.
Even the corrupt at the end of the day.

People are jailed in most other countries for cash for comment offences. Its unfair and its a cruel practice where only the consumer loses out at the end of the day. Does the STAR not even care that its ripping off its subscribers with this woman's blatant disregard for decency and appropriate behaviour?

2. This woman also has her cell phone expenses paid for by a certain PR company. There is no option for them I am told BY THEM!!!!!!! She demands it and they ALWAYS BUCKLE. You do NOT want this monster on your bad side when it comes time to launch your shit in her rag.

MMM is guilty as SIN!!!!!

ESPECIALLY if you need to promote a product line in the future in the most CORRUPT paper in the Philippines... The STAR!
This toe rag paper has already lost
all its credibility.
I feel so sad that it's come down to corruption for the STAR.
HOW predictable for the Philippines though.

The media is responsible for this woman's rise to the top as well as her constant raping of the dignity that journalism should be and used to be in the Philippines.

She leaves journalism battered and bruised on the ground. Panties around its ankles. Bleeding and begging for mercy. But she'll just walk on up without a care in the world. Position herself in front of any opening, and plunge right in until her pockets are full of pesos. She's like the PIMP of the STAR. A PIMP with no rubbers. BAD PIMP!

And she will fuck journalism over and over and over until it legs fuse together and can no longer walk effectively or properly.

Not at all fixable.
Like the virgin with no say in her
de- flowering.
Laying there, not a hope in the world.
Sore and battered.
Unable to recover.

Millet is
very similar to the STAR.
A tired old prostitute, whoring herself at the expense of the nation and its people.
Shame on the STAR.
SHAME on Millet!

How proud are you love , knowing that I now KNOW how corrupt you've been over the years?

ME? I don't care about this dumb ass paper. Just the masses who read it.
I only care about its ability to clean itself up and start taking the profession seriously.
The STAR is such an embarrassment now to the Philippines.
The Philippines deserves so much better.
But it demands nothing, so it gets what it deserves I suppose.

I'm determined to destroy this woman's reputation fully.
A reputation that is
already both sullied and dirty .
I will not rest until the dignity and proprietary is restored at the Star.
This paper was a great paper for so long.
They wonder why the Inquirer sells so many more papers then they do.
The ad revenue and profits are climbing every month at the Inquirer, while the STAR continues to bleed money and lose hundreds of advertisers.
I've been contacted by the STAR three times.
They threatened me like everyone else does.
But they also want to know my source at their paper.
But I will NEVER tell that secret.
This person will be at the STAR for as long as he/she wants.
That is all I will say about it.

know why the Inquirer does sooooo much better then the STAR.
Because it's a much better paper.
Its simple.
I'm not saying there's no funny stuff happening at the other paper too, but I know for sure that the corruption at the STAR is totally out of control.
The bleeding MUST stop.
I have some HUGE plans for the STAR paper.
They should also prepare for my next move.
Because this will be going global now.
And jobs
will be shed.
Because the STAR had a great opportunity to do good for the Philippines.
But instead, it ignore my repeated attempts for change at their paper.
Yes, they fired DJ, but I wouldn't be surprised to one day see him, writing for that paper again.
In Manila, people forget so quickly.

I submitted the original draft of the story I wrote for Ben Sherman.
They KNOW I wrote that.
Even I've been in that rag.
Right Montano?
By the way mate, you still owe me dinner for that article.
I'm not your ghost anymore mate.

They have ignored our many requests to shed the coke head Celine
Fauxpez from their paper. They refuse to fire Celine (the biggest coke head at that paper for sure) therefore they will continue to appear on the blog which means....... ALL OVER THE WORLD.

Journalism or Blogging.
I know which one I'll take.
Hands down, blogging is more ethical then the STAR.


The STAR should have had a fund raiser for me when this all went down last year.
Hahahahahaha. You know, FIX their columnists mistakes. Get some credibility back at the same time.
Could you imagine? A fund raiser to get back the money their little thief lifestyle writer stole from me.
The STAR could have looked brilliant. The paper would have been a global sensation for at least a week.
Helping a broke ripped off HIV positive farmer from Australia would have been front page news all over the world.
But this didn't happen.
Because the STAR is like DJ
STUPID and short sighted.
very corrupt.
So the blog expanded and now Millet is in its sights.

They're all FILTHY icky dirty. DJ, Millet and the STAR.

And SHE'S at the very top of this pile of stink, therefore she must and will tumble down the furthest and the hardest.
And waiting for her at the bottom of the hill will be the poor Filipino people, with some
serious ass kicking to do themselves.

3. This woman's electricity is also PR paid. Big time. This makes me most angry. When the vast majority of the Philippines is totally desperate for more money in ORDER TO PAY THEIR POWER BILLS... THIS person DEMANDS that her utilities are picked up by certain PR companies. And NOT just her bills, those of her family members as well. PROOF you ask for.
SHE can prove she pays her own power bills. And she will have to.


This practice is also VERY illegal in Australia and most other countries
PLEASE make this illegal in the Philippines.
Because its only your average Filipinos who suffer under this type of cross pollination of promotion and journalism. They're being fed lies and bullshit by a chronic double dipper.

That's you Queen Mum.

You're a scumbagette Millet, and you know it!

SHE charges and gets to KEEP a HUGE portion of the fifty thousand pesos per half page of PR. WTF?

5. This woman DEMANDS HUGE product swag bags twice monthly which she plans in advance. I'm told she FAXES her request lists to various merchants in Manila and they fill the bags with whatever she wants. She then RE-GIFTS the loot which ultimately makes her look good. She is a thief who should be placed in a MENS correctional facility.
Gang Bang in cell block H!

Now that would be a story worth buying
that paper for.
And then.... just!

She is also
notorious and famous for sending her little pack of minions (or her daughter who is also a super whore at the STAR) around Manila in her corruptly obtained BMW, to collect tons of free swag. This includes clothing, shoes, cosmetics, jewelery... FURNITURE and many other very expensive things. She gets all of this in exchange for positive coverage (or coverage PERIOD) in her rag of a paper.

Who is this complete and utter disgrace to journalism?

Who you ask?

Well is

The Queen Mum of corruption at the STAR.
That's who.

But wait there's even more.

But I'll save that for next week.
Because this is a basket of apples that needs to ripen for a few more days.
Because there's a worm in each piece of fruit.
And they need to be extracted slowly.

This woman Millet will be cooked over time.
All old birds need plenty of time in the oven.
And this old bitch will bake for days in MY kitchen.
380 degrees for days.

The most underhanded deviant of them all.
Millet Martinez Mananquil.
She trains and conditions her charges to be corrupt.
encourages them to be corrupt.
She shows them how through her own dodgy acts of corruption.
She allows ghost writers at the STAR.
allows them to be corrupt.
benefits a GREAT deal from their 'cash for comment' corruption.
teaches them how.
She shows them the ropes.
She is the proud grand Tita of EX DEALS.
gives them her special permission to be corrupt.
Jail her!

Millet dear, this is
just the beginning for you old girl.
I won't bother with your underlings any more.
They've all proven to be very feeble and weak at the end of the day.
I'm like a chicken hawk waiting for their last breath before I land and start picking away at their carcasses.
Its all too easy.
But your so much fun Millet.
Your so guilty, this is easier than it should be.
Its like... sport with you Millet.
No one has EVER talked about you in this way.
YOU have been so protected for FAR TOO LONG.
Your jig is well and truly up.

I know things about you old lady, that SHOULD put your flabby beef curtains in jail.
AND the juice will all curl my readers toes.
Well, most of them anyways.
Because others, as we already know, are fully aware of your particular brand of dishonesty and quite frankly, thievery from an industry that made you what you are.
And they think its OK. Because they dream about being just like you one day.
Money for nothing, and you tricks for free!

Millet Martinez Manaquil takes the wonderful opportunities meant for many other people and simply hand selects the magical few, who will ultimately be the only ones who truly benefit from the STAR lifestyle column industry SCAM.
HOW could you live your life in this fashion Millet?
Did you not think that one day you would not come un- stuck?
HOW Millet?
Can you with a clear conscience be proud of your career?
Your nothing but a nasty old pimp whoring out your babies.
Scamming, stealing, borrowing without the intent of EVER returning.
Obtaining your own children's clothes for free....... for years and years.
And EVERYTHING else on top of it!
They too have benefitted from your deception.
Unwilling... or willing partners in your 'get it all for nothing' attitude.
You're one smart cookie dear.
Scamming from your employers for decades.
Oh dear, this is getting uglier by the day.

You should be in prison Mrs. MMM!

I'm sorry readers, I know this week was supposed to be a 'nice' week on the blog.

But I've far too much BITCH still left in me, to last a couple more days at least.
I promise some nice as well though.
Maybe tomorrow....

........... Just Maybe.

For your information readers, this is POST #395

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