12 July 2008

Celine Fauxpex ..... Humiliated at Hair Salon

Dear blessed beloved readers,

Celine Fauxpez has been humiliated yet again in Manila.

This very trusted and 100% accurate tip comes from a VERY special Manila 'insider', as well as an employee of the mentioned establishment.

The salon has been called and confirmation has been received by ***** ***** who works there.
Celine Faupez's credit cards were in fact declined. I'm told she had to leave without paying and promised to return with the money later in the day. I am also told she tried THREE cards but had luck with none of them!
She didn't have enough $ in her purse to pay a paltry hair salon bill.

OMG, I'm laughing my skinny little white ass off.
Guess what readers....?
Celine has NOT returned to the salon.... YET!
She still owes them 1200 pesos.

PAY UP Celine!
Or are you broke as well?
No more Marcel to pick up the travel tabs?
Smoke and mirrors girlfriend.
We're ALL on to you now!

I've been also told from a VERY reliable source that Celine's mother 'the anti-Christ' Emily R, has CUT her off from the Lopez money. I'm still trying to investigate this further as its not the first time I have been tipped off with this very juicy gossip.

Thank you to both of my wonderful tipsters.
I'm hard from the excitement.
NO really, I'm totally hard!

Hello there Brian,

My name is ****** *******, and and I've been a regular visitor of your blog.
I've made several posts under another name before but this is actually the first
time I'm writing you. First, let me say how much I admire you for
doing what you're doing. It takes a WHOLE LOT OF BALLS (or pussy) to
go against the evils of Manila's "high" society. Honestly, I do not
believe you'll ever get back your money from that scumbag DJ but just
the same, I hope that you will get the justice that you deserve.

Anyway, I'm writing for a couple of things. First, and I am not quite
sure if you know this already but, Celine Lopez is back in Manila. My
******** and I went to the ****** ******* salon yesterday in Greenbelt and
she was there.

She had just finished her haircut probably (or wax?
eew) and she was at the counter paying her bill. To make the long
story short, her credit card was declined but the receptionist was
kind enough to say it discreetly. Well, not discreet enough since my
********* who was near the counter overheard it.

Such a shame I missed the encounter by 2 minutes since I had to park the car from across the
street. ******** told me the whole story when we left (she knew that I
would have had a kick out of it, hearing what she did). ******** never
knew how Celine settled since she was eventually led to another station
for her own cut. Not to take joy in Celine's misfortune but just
thought id share this with you.

Best of luck in Canada (might go there in Sept.)!
Keep 'em coming!
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