12 July 2008

Oh Emily Relucio........ HOW COULD YOU?

emily relucio WISHING she was a lopez..... wishing and hoping

emmanuel lopez with his pretty little doggie

poor fernando lopez

From the most reliable and impeccable source in Blog world.

I bring you..........

After robbing the two gay brothers blind, Fernando Lopez Jr and Emmanuel Lopez, Emily Relucio has but ONE defense that she signed all those Lopez deed of sales as Emily Lopez not Emily Relucio: She had married Albertito Lopez, the brother in Muslim rites somewhere in Manila (Where Emily? Where? May we see the marriage contract, baka Quiapo peke lang yan) As far as the law is concerned Albertito Lopez is still LEGALLY married to Chona Mejia and there are NO divorce laws in the Philippines. Had Albertito been converted to a being a Muslim as Emily claims, he would still have to deal with legalities with the Mejia marriage.

You see what will happen is this: After a long drawn court battle (which is yet to start and is up to Emmanuel Lopez to start this) EVERYTHING will revert back to Albertito Lopez. Emmanuel hates Emily like anything for this. We may need the help of Chona Mejia on this. If Emmanuel Lopez starts a case on this, BIGAMY will be the main issue here.

Abangan! Coming this 2008.


Oh this blog is on FIRE!
My knickers are wet!

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