06 July 2008

DJ Montano Hiding In San Francisco

From a VERY beautiful loyal blog supporter,

Hi Brian,

I have been a fan of your site since you first blew
the lid off Manila "High" society back in March. I
just want to make this short and sweet, but I want to
warn all the good gays of the Bay Area that DJ Montano
is in town. I had unfortunate chance of meeting him
this evening at a friends party in City. I never knew
how small the world was until the one and only
SWINDLER walked through my friends door. All I know is
that he is planning to make SF his home but all I have
to say is that he is not welcome here. I guess the US
is in a recession because apparently they let anyone
in with money or should i say stolen money. I hope
that this will be a public service announcement to all
the RICH GAYS or GAYS in general of NOB HILL, PACIFIC
HEIGHTS, and DALY CITY for that matter. From one gay
to the next thanks for telling it how it is about the
PI society. I love my country I just hate my own
people who abuse it..

****** *******
I am sorry that you had a bad experience in the PI.

I am about to contact the Australian Embassy in America.
DJ Montano is living in San Fransisco now with family.

I do NOT want DJ to EVER rip off another HIV positive person.
I have spoken to the police in Sydney and they are going to help me contact the authorities in San Francisco.

I am deadly sure that DJ will strike again.
He stole the life savings of his lover.
He is capable of anything.

If Delfin Justiniano Ocampo Montano II thinks he has escaped with my money, he has another thing coming.

I am STILL broke and I am still VERY VERY VERY angry with him.
PLEASE help me people of San Fran.
I am a TRUE victim of this man.
I am terrified another man will end up like me.
Broke and broken.

I will NEVER stop until DJ is in jail for stealing my money.

DJ mate, I am NOT through with you.
I cried again today, because I can't afford to fly my mother to a family wedding.
Before I would send her the money. And now I can't, because I worry about my transition and my new responsibilities in Toronto.
And now I am ashamed and fucking embarrassed that I CAN'T assist my mother anymore.

I'm sorry mummy.
I PROMISE to work hard and save up again, and you and I can meet up again for good times.
I love you mummy, more than the air I breath.

DJ Montano, you evil mother fucker. Your mother should be truly ashamed she gave birth to a monster.
You have ruined everything for my future with money.
My life is so different now. I will NEVER truly trust again.
I can't even spoil my mom with a plane ticket anymore.
I wanted to buy her duty free perfume you little fucker, and I thought twice.

I will get you my pretty...

and your little dog too!

I am going to go to San Francisco and find him. I have friends there.
DJ, you will NEVER establish a life there until you pay me back.
I PROMISE you that.

You have fled your country.
You have fled your family and friends.You are a complete and utter disgrace to the Philippines. You are a criminal and a crook.

Trust me readers, DJ MONTANO will pay for what he did to me and my heart and my bank account.

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