06 July 2008

Miguel Arroyo Blows 650,000 in Vegas

high roller Miguel Arroyo

Hello Brian,

My family and I just got back from a week vacay in Vegas for the Manny Paquiao fight. As many Filipinos know, the First Gentleman, Miguel Arroyo is always present in Manny's fights.

Anyway, our family friend (Chinese) was one of the "spectators" in one of Mr. Arroyo's high roller table at the MGM Grand Hotel in Vegas. Guess what? The night our family friend was there, the first Gentleman of the Philippines gambled and lost a total of $650,000t! For one night, he threw away that much money. Unbelievable! even a President's salary does not amount to $650,000 a year. It makes me sick ! If any Filipino knows this, they damn well know this is either Philippine taxpayer's money, or all the illegal kickbacks they get from their filthy shenanigans (perhaps both!).

Just thought to let you know so you can let your viewers know, that is all.

if ever you do post this, please don't include my email address. I still go back to the Philippines every now and then to visit family. Don't want to be harassed or be in danger when I'm there, if you know what I mean.
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