07 July 2008

Embassy to CLOSE Permantly?

It has come to my attention that an extroidinary meeting will take place tonight in Manila. I know where and when this meeting will take place. And I ALSO know who is leading the charge against the Embassy club re opening. You will all be VERY surprised when I reveal, but I have promised to say nothing until tomorrow.

And I will spill.

I suggest if the Embassy Super Club does get to re open, sniffer dogs should be placed out front permanently detect the presence of drugs on the revellers.
I also suspect the HUGE drug dealers will also stay away if they know they will spend the rest of the corrupt devious lives in a Philippines jail.

Many VERY important people want Embassy SUPER CLUB to be closed forever. And I could NOT agree more.
Stop the surge in cocaine abuse in every club in Manila.
It's DESTROYING people you fucking idiots.

Apart from the too frequent violence that occurs in Embassy, I feel the drug abuse is a MUCH more important reason to close this venue. It is so over the top. It's shocking to the ultimate max.

I have been told that Xeng is terrified to be near the place for fear that many will ask her for cocaine. She really was the biggest drug dealer around before I busted her ass.
Xeng needs to become a nun now.
It's the only way this bitch will get into heaven.

Poor Xeng, she had a great opportunity to come clean and help turn this disgusting collective lifestyle of thousands around! But instead she turned to God.

What the fuck does God have to do with this.


Catholics my ass.
Scum bags more like it.

Xeng, you ARE only one of many who are responsible for peoples addictions because YOU supplied them with tons of cocaine over the years.
You should do more than find God dear.
You need to go to jail.

If I were a parent, I would NEVER allow my children to party in such a recklace nightclub like Embassy. Cocaine is so very evil because it separates further the haves and the have nots in a bizarre greedy unhealthy way.

This club should NEVER have been re opened after the shocking murder which took place there last year.
The family of the victim has contacted me and they are STILL VERY distraught at the treatment they received by the Embassy owners and the police investigation that followed this senseless and VERY violent murder.

The fact that the owners of Embassy are so willing and able to sweep these tragic events under the carpet only show their complete and utter disregard for the young people they let through their doors. Rich idol snobby wannabees who should be doing charity work for the poor. NOT snorting their pathetic lives away to the beat of Embassy's drums.

Many people are writing me to credit me with the closure of this club.
I can assure you all, this was on the cards long before I came along.

In a country where God is revered, its amazing how so many devils are walking around Manila. Horn sprouting devils.

No names of course.
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