07 July 2008



The only thing Celine 'coke head' Lopez should be fighting, is the war against her shocking case of permanent canine breath.

Halitosis was given to Celine Lopez by GOD (hahahahaha) as a punishment for being, well, Celine Lopez.

Celine, its too late babe for an image make over in your crappy newspaper, the STAR.

The STAR is a joke now.
It only hires coke heads.
I am working on a super special entry on MM, who is the Queen of all things Gucci.
MM, your dead meat.
You will have to answer many questions when I post my entry on you.
You are finished MM.
Finished I tell you!

The STAR is a stinky wet rag, like the one between your skinny cricket legs.
Your finished in Manila now Celine.
Manila is laughing at you now. Hysterically in fact.
You used and abused Manila for so many years.
Now it is going to abuse you back.

Balance bitch.
Its a c--t.

The only people who like you dog breath..... use you because you are well, sort of a Lopez.


Why should Manila purge you like vomit?
Because you are a huge failure as a person.
And you know this is true Celine.
You only write for the STAR because the paper has
no moral compass just like you, you filthy breathed dog.

You should have helped me Celine when I begged you.
Now you will NEVER escape my wrath. And you can always thank DJ Montano for that.
Your ex BFF.

Because this Queen is a c--t too!
When it comes to you dear Celine.
You know you did wrong.

Now go have another abortion you Catholic fraud.

Celine you should do us all a HUGE favor and top yourself.

Do us all a big favor.
Martyr yourself for the betterment of The Philippines.
Leave the poor Filipinos alone now.


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