07 July 2008

Tita Millet Martinez Mananquil..... The Queen Mother of EX

queen mother millet with a future GG

Despite newspaper journalism's self-righteous ways and seeming moral ascendancy over others, why is it that it shelters the Queen Mother of Gucci and everything that is corrupt in journalism?

This drives me totally crazy.
Millet drives me bonkers.
This bitch has got to go.
Out the door of the STAR with Celine and her stable of coked up 'writers'.

Millet is willing to stand by and watch her 'children' destroy themselves and their health for the sake of her rosters status factor.

When one of her babies dies of an overdose, she will have their blood on her hands too.
Millet helped to foster their addictions, not only to drugs, but to the vapid fake existance which is what writing for the STAR must be like.

Have you read Celine's latest article?
A chimp could do better. A retarded chimp that is.
Its not worth wiping your ass with after a dump.
It's THAT bad.


Fight this Celine.
You will never win this battle with me.
You're dead in the water.
As it should be.
Floating face down.

MM is just like a drug pusher. She doesn't sell them the drugs, but she KNOWS they are on them when they represent BOTH the STAR 'newspaper' and their own personal crapola columns.
MM should be ashamed for what she has allowed to grow and develop within the Stars cocaine culture.
MM is 100% to blame for fostering such weak addicted 'talent'.

Public relations
and being a columnist is the biggest NO-NO in journalism.

Yet the omnipresent Queen Mother breeds and nurtures such, depriving her own paper and other broadsheets of possible income. She has in her stable at least 5 PR/Columnist practitioners.

This is a CRIME in other countries.

Nepotism Manila style.
Real talent in Manila has NO chance of being discovered as long as this c--t continues to hire her family and her friends children.

You know, in proper countries, where corruption and thievery is NOT the call of the wild like the Philippines, people actually have to EARN thier stripes.
In Manila, your mother just hands them to you.

Celine Lopez would be NOTHING without her family. A writer?

Elections and an elective position in government is an abomination for the journalist.
I think it is anyways. But readers, apparently its OK in Manila.

Queen Mothers husband, a nasty tabloid editor, ran for town mayor, but LOST.
And I know why he lost. He's corrupt, and very unpopular at the moment.

Does he cheat? Um, yes he does.

With whom you ask? Later.

Queen Mothers daughter is a COLUMNIST for her pride and joy creative director, **** ***- again another abomination who continues to allow talentless people to write for him. Sorry ***, but this is VERY true.
Queen Mothers daughter is also a whore who sold her soul instead of earning her career like a proper person does. There is nothing dignified about Millet's children.
They only have employment because of their mother. It's so very sad.

MM, you make me sick. I am literally vomiting now thinking about the corruption at your finger tips.

You are a soulless whore like your premier writer Celine Fauxpez.
You sold your soul to the devil long ago.

All of Queen Mothers children are models that appear in her section.
What do you think dear readers? I think this bitch Millet M. should be strung up by her well manicured toes and given fifty lashes for her role in this crazy culture at the STAR.

After living in Forbes Park then Valle Verde one, she keeps on moving from one posh village to another.
What I want to know readers, is where does MM get her income? The bitch is the queen of ex deals. She will cheat, steal and borrow to keep up with the Jones's.

SHE is responsible for the STAR's humiliating downfall over the last five months.
Not I.

Millette has BMW’s and other luxury cars.
Was MM born rich?


But, she is in the payroll of several PR’s.

Her personal junkets are causing a huge loss in advertising budget.
And this is causing many problem for their bottom line.

Despite all the intrigues about drugs, abuse and lies, she still nourishes her progenies; the GUCCI Gang.

She should be fired and sent to a special hospital for rehabilitation.
Because she knows nothing of proper business ethics OR how to actually foster and nurture talent.
Her writers are nothing but druggies and family members who are also druggies.

MM, please follow Celine.
Martyr yourself for the betterment of the Philippines and it peoples.


On a lighter note,

I would totally fuck her son. I don't care if he ain't got no dick.
Spit and push.

Just a little extra something for you readers,

Apparently the night of the Makati police incident, some people were afraid I was going to commit suicide.
Yes, thats right, it was THAT bad.
A friend of mine on Boracay told me that this was a genuine concern of theirs.
But NEVER, did Celine EVER call me to see if I was ok.

I bet you she wished I had topped myself now eh Fauxpez?
Tough shit Celine because I survived that night.
And this is your payback.
My conscience is CLEAR.
Is yours?

And THAT is why Celine will always be on my hit list.
Because I KNOW who and WHAT she is.
Devil spawn.
She knew DJ destroyed my life for my money.
She watched DJ dig my hole.
And then Celine pushed me in.
I will follow Celine forever and a day.
She should have forced DJ to pay me back. She could have but chose to believe his lies over a foreigner who was really trying hard to make a go of it in the Philippines.

I will be there when she marries (god help him).
I will be there when he divorces her too.
Celine and I are like BFF.
**** This post has been re edited ******
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