18 July 2008

Ecstacy Super Club

The Fight Club

Embassy Super Club, the notorious bar at Bonifacio Global City co-owned by the equally, if not more infamous party-animal Tim Yap was allowed to re-open three weeks after it was ordered closed by Taguig City following the mauling and death of a customer. Nope, there’s no truth to rumors that the owners have decided to rename the bar and call it Ecstasy Super Club.

The Fight Club II

The City of Taguig allowed Embassy Super Club to re-operate on condition that customers who are known to be drug dealers and users would be barred from the establishment. Borgy Manotoc described the restriction as “totally unfair.”



*** FUNNY Stuff Mate!!!********

Please visit his fantastic Web blog which you will now find on my list. He's a hilarious satirist who we should ALL support
FULLY, because our beautiful country needs more of him, and I for one adore his writing!

SO.......obviously he's fucking brilliant.

UNFAIR Borgy? Even after a murder? And a mauling?

So many people sent this to the blog today.
I thought it was funny.
So here it is.
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