18 July 2008

JOJO Velosos Molests Fifteen Year Old Boys

oprah... no friend of jojo's

Dear Readers,

Let me first start my apologising for some things I wrote yesterday about God and Catholicism and such. Its just that I and many others get so very tired of so many people using him (God). Please forgive me if I am crude at times. But sometimes its the only way to get people in their comfort zones to listen up.
I get very emotional, because I read so many e mails from people, who are the actual ones expressing these feelings and thoughts. But because I can't print their e mails, I feel the need to interpret them the best way I can. Please forgive me if I've offended anyone. Its really never my intention. But I read so many shocking things and I get very upset at times. My passions overflow at times. Please try and understand where I'm coming from dear readers. I never want to intentionally offend anyone. But sometimes its inevitable. This is a blog. And my feelings are real and raw. And this topic makes me crazy. I love God and feel the need to protect him at times from the hypocrisy. Its that simple.

Peace and Love.


I received this letter among dozens today.

Hi Brian,

This would be the first time I am writing you ever. I
have been reading the blog for months, I caught on
probably mid to late march. I am in some ways as
guilty as a lot of the people you have mentioned.....
I am in a lot of ways affiliated with some ,if not all
the people you have mentioned. I know them personally.
I am also one of those people that cannot risk to be
identified with your blog because I still live and
breath Manila ( big deal! but you know.)

finally write you today because of the topic of the
blog these past days.
Joji....Jojo... i am a victim of
both... before I continue.. and this is the truth, i
did not get bitten.. I was aware what would happen if
I played dumb or ignorant... I knew right away and did
the right thing... walked (or in
JOJO's case, Ran
Readers, at this point in the letter, I have been asked to delete this persons identity because he is VERY well known in the Philippines and continues to act in movies. The country would be BLOWN AWAY if they knew who this e mail was from. And I mean it would make FRONT page news for SEVERAL days in Manila.
But I have promised to keep this persons Identity private for many reasons.
But you ALL known who this individual is.
The email was accompanied by MUCH proof.
SO do NOT question the validity of the informer.
Because every Filipino knows who this person is.


Brian... first I want to give you my Jojo
encounter.... Jojo did prey on young boys and to my
fear maybe still preying on them till now. As a young
boy,15 to be accurate... i had a chance encounter with
Jojo while I was in high school. I remember it clearly
as if it was yesterday..... I met J
ojo Veloso in his
so called office/studio/sex den at that time because I
had accompanied my other classmate who said he was
going to audition (
VTR) for an agent who could give
him a commercial. At that time, 1986; our classes in
high school were just held in the mornings... the
afternoon was free and we
wouldn't get picked up till 3
or 4, so since Jojo's "agency" was right down the road
at the ORTIGAS area...townhouses in Greenhills; from our
school and we had a lot of time to spare.. I went.
When I got there... a lot of guys from school were
lined up at the living room/reception... looked busy
but safe. As I did not enter the
VTR room because I
was just accompanying my classmate, but hoped I could
get a
VTR, I stayed downstairs while all the others
were lined up to go to the 3rd level attic
VTR room. I
watched each boy leave after
VTR and noticed that some
were not the same as they had gone in.. some crying..
some literally with their pants falling off, some
frantically leaving, some poker faced. I had thought
that maybe they just
weren't "pretty" enough for the
agent. My classmate who I had accompanied had come
down and wanted to leave right away. Jojo
Veloso had
come down with him after his
VTR and noticed me... he
asked for my name and I obliged, then asked the
secretary to get my information, which I did. As we
were walking back to campus, I had not noticed that my
classmate was very quiet the whole kilometer and a
half back to school; I guess because I kept on
talking... excited that he took notice and the chance
to star in a commercial.. but he had not spoken. I was
called at my house that very same day (no cellphones
yet). They had given me an outright audition in an ad
agency and I got the job.

wasn't required just yet to come in into the talent
agency of Jojo for a file
VTR of the agency till after
the ad had been shot. Then.... here is were it all
happened.. I was called in to give a file
VTR, usually
the case for talent agencies so that they can shop us
around to other ad agencies for future projects. When
I got there, stupidly by myself; there were just a few
lined up at the reception, I was lead up to the attic
where he had set up a somewhat studio..(conveniently
with Jojo as the videographer as well)... i stood up
in front of the camera and asked the basic questions
of a VTR (look at the camera and smile :) then Jojo
had asked me to remove my shirt, then my pants, till I
was just in my jocks. As he was asking me to make
several poses, he went away from the camera and
towards me... I was wondering why. Then he grabbed my
jocks brought out my cock and adjusted it so that it
would be straight up.... I was shocked and
bewildered.... he calmly went back to the camera...
turned the light red and walked back towards me... put
his hand in my jocks, started to jerk me off, then as
he was going to his knees..... I ran out so quick.. I
knocked him to the ground. I never dealt with him
anymore. But for a long time, I kept quiet of the

I know and understand what had happened to your
example story on Hans... he's my friend and I do
sympathize with him... we were just boys back then
Brian... we didnt know what to do at the time.. we
were victims. Brian.... eventhough I was so shocked at
what had happened in that room with Jojo... i didnt
freeze... I knew better than the others before and
after me... I was molested for years by my mothers
cousin, my uncle. The shock i felt with Jojo was that
I didnt think it would happen that way... I thought
that it was just a very rare thing for me to have been
molested by an uncle..... little did I know there are
a lot out there who do the same. Even women do
that,even straight men; young and old. I am saying
this because it not just a few who get victimized by
Jojo.... it could be in the thousands already by

Jojo Veloso has traumatized so many young boys for
more than 20 years now... and even with proof...
(videos!!!) that has been out in the news... victims
coming out left and right, what has been done?
Nothing... Nothing at all. GREAT GOVERNANCE!!!! GREAT
JUSTICE!!!! 15 years old Brian....I was 15! And he is
still doing it... I am so sure. 100% sure. As far as I
am concerned its a sin, and a moral crime, A UNIVERSAL
MORAL CRIME..... fuck Philippine law... is there such
a thing? The law here is to be as illegal as you can
be and get away with it.

Hey brian..... I want to continue on because I have so
many great Joji Dingcung expieriences that i want to
share but my fiance' is hounding me right now.. FIRST
THINGS FIRST. But I will write you again. Im just also
so proud of the human being that you are and with what
you are doing... I admire the fight you are giving and
very happy to read of the escalation of your sadness
to where you are today... you have been very happy
lately.. and thank you for the changes that you have
made to a society that has been ill and sick for so
many years.. It truly has affected a ton of people in
a positive way. Thank you. Be strong and be well. Till
the next letter. God be well with all of us.

Dear readers, Here are a couple article I found on JOJO's 'comeback' to the industry.
I mean... HOW can anyone be given a second chance, KNOWING they are child abusers?

And this, from another VERY well known Filipino!


I just want to tell you something about Joji Dingcong. I know for a fact he uses religion to cover up his true identity. What a druggie! All the things posted on your blog is real. God Bless you Brian for sharing this to the public. He loves hanging out with the sons of the Chinese tycoons FYI. Yes yes the police should check the cctv of his apartment. He drugs them and abuses the. Joji Dingcong should be put behind bars.

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