26 July 2008

The GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY-Expat Travel Article

hanging with my posse doing shots on boracay, 2007

Dear Readers,

I'm so pleased to finally put this Expat article up today. I wrote this a while ago but amazingly, I feel the exact same way today as I did back then. I loved working with Expat Travel and Lifestyle magazine, which was such a wonderful opportunity to put into words, my true and deep feelings about my year spent in the Philippines, but mostly my life on the Island of Boracay.

Writing is very difficult for many, and I'm one just of the many. Not all of us have a natural talent for it. Some have to try harder and just believe ultimately in ones self. I don't go over again the things that I've written already. I'm a believer in the first draft out is the story. Tinkering is not my style. At first I avoided spell check, because that's how innocent it was at that time. But the spelling Nazi's scared me into submission. I hope you've noticed a little bit of improvement.

I'll just say what I want to say, and my feelings are just there. Its the most honest form of writing I believe, and it's very much 'my style'. I never run the risk of getting my non-existent ego inflated, trust me. I'm just a thirty eight year old who is panicking about his fucked up T-zone at the moment.
I mean my skin is a d-i-s-a-s-t-e-r. Burnt, peeling, and looking and feeling of sand paper.
I'm just a normal guy who still gets pimples.
And death threats.
Many of them.


I've been blessed from day one with so many staunch supporters of not only my unfortunate... (but fortunate too) story, but for my own private person as well. Of course, none of this was expected nor was it consciously courted for that matter, because when I started the blog, it was born out of a certain innocence and naivety.
There was not a droplet of premeditation or directly accented sensationalism of my story, when it came time to 'put it all out there'.
Except, I DID want to destroy DJ Montano though.
And his wicked family.
I will admit to that.
And Celine too. I really wanted to get rid of her as well.
The biggest pimple of them all!
And the Gucci Gang. I really wanted to blow that fucked up shit out of the water!
There's that word again.
BUT GG was sooo fucked up!

OK then, there was a bit of pre-med.
No one's perfect.
And we all know that know.
Don't we dear readers?

And when this mostly 'un-seen' type of honesty eventuated in Manila and the Philippine, and all over the world for that matter, the blog hit its nerve.
I would like to thank Jude for his guidance and help through the process of writing this particular article. I' m so very thrilled to be asked back, to contribute another piece for its next issue which will focus of Globalism and Multiculturalism among other hot button topics. Well I'm going to try to hot button my contribution! So I'll be writing again for Expat Traveller. In fact, I'm already piecing my next article together. I've hit my stride of sorts, so I'm very excited to 'do it again'!
I know I'm on a break, but you know...

The blog is very important to me now.
Yes, it's a bit crass at times.
Yes, I say fuck too way much.
Yes, I can be mean.
And I can also be cruel and spiteful, immature, childish, and at times I'm just down write monstrous.
And this dear readers, makes me completely normal.

Because mummy reads the blog.
And she tells me to write and be free.
So I soar now, and I always will.
Montano may have clipped my wings for a while, but my feathers have grown back tougher than ever before. And no man will even control this bird again!

Because the opposite of freedom of expression sucks as many can attest to.
I stood up for myself from day one and continue to fight for what I believe in.
And I believe awareness must be placed upon all of the peoples minds over and over again by many different forms of media including of course the most important form at the moment which is blogging.
Despite what the 'scared to death' newspapers think.
The things that need to desperately change will only do so when the people responsible for creating the change, are the people in the streets... NOT the majority of wankers in the terrible (let's face it) government.
And the Catholic Church will also have to stand up soon and account for its wrong doings as well.
And that will happen one day too dear readers.
Trust me.

So prepare to march again one day for change dear readers.
As this I believe, is the only way I see the chance out of the mess that is the Philippines.
Because life ain't a bowl of angel wings and fairy dust, as you all know... EVEN the rich know this.
Sometime its just as hard as nails.
And you MUST respond.
Non violently of course.

Your humble 'servant',


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