26 July 2008

Verstehen - Blog of the Month

Dear Readers,

This blog came to my attention last month when its creator sent me his entry titled- Are you gay? This was a question put to Roberto at a job interview with Universal Motors Corporation.

And this is one blogger who is
NOT prepared to take this bullshit on his knees.
I'm proud that Roberto has taken the time to create this attractive blog with information we all NEED to familiarize ourselves with again. His links are great and I learned a lot from his very emotional and clever writing.


Do not let anyone ask you if you are a gay or lesbian.
Because its none of their fucking business, unless of course, they are gay too and want a date.
Then I'm like, 'hell yes, I'm gay'.
Whoo Hooo!

So this is my blog of the month.


I won't sell it too much because the blog speaks for itself.
Please support Roberto, because he does it out of the shear need to inform others about how to avoid what he experienced.

STAND UP for yourselves.

Please read the entry-
Are You Gay?

GREAT blog Roberto.
I am very proud of you mate.
You are now on my link list.


Wow, lets talk about discrimination.
His blog is a one stop shop for information that none of us should fail to read.

Or is it the future?

Dear readers,

Please feel free to write about your own experiences in the comments section. I always look forward to your own opinions and thoughts..

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