23 July 2008

The Great One Speaks

Hi Brian,

In fairness naman to the Lopez family, during the old days it was common to have incestuous relationships in Sugar country. Only a handful families owned Negros Island, and in Jaro, Iloilo the families were anxious not to loose the vastness of their haciendas. The families of Molo (Araneta, Villanueva, Yulo, Lason, Dy Ching, Consing,Soriano, Cacho, Locsin, etc.) and Jaro (Ledesma, Lopez, Montinola, Javellana, etc.) had vast holdings all over Western Visayas, they also dictated as to WHO the next president of the Philippines will be. So incest was a common practice. Also sex orgies.

The Araneta-Soriano families came from Valencia Spain. They settled in Molo and Gregoio Araneta set up GAMI, a machineries firm. From them descendants of Greggy Araneta, Mely Hechanova, JoeCon, etc. (RFM, Carrier, FEATI, Araneta Properties, etc.)....which brings us to Carlos Concepcion (oh wow). One of the matriarch of their clan who set up the white cross and was very influential in MalacaƱang was Victoria Lopez de Araneta, who is the auntie Eugenio Lopez, Sr. So families are intertwined and related to one another here because their business was sugar and you were more powerful if you had vast tracts of land. So you tend to marry those that have big land holdings.

The Kahirup Ball in Manila was ruled by the Ilonggos, today its like our Tatler Ball. If we dissect their lives, their sex lives in particular it could fill one book. By the way the real love of Tatay Nanding Lopez was Julie Rufino, the mother of Marivic Rufino and a brother (who are really Lopezes). He was only forced to marry his niece ( niece through cousin) because the brothers (E & F Lopez Inc.) needed capital for their business expansions.


Talagang Chismoso

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