23 July 2008

Philip Abadicio and DJ Montano.. Business Partners

philip abadicio (far left) supping with the devil DJ and GG

Dear Readers,

I'm crying as I type this because I just cant cope with this information.

I'm so devastated to find this information in my in box after lunch.
Philip Abadicio who is Paolo Bediones ex boyfriend has been playing me for a huge fool this entire time.
That's right readers, Philip and Paolo fucked for THREE years.
BUT shhhhh, because that's Philip's secret. A secret?
Fuck secret!
And Philip Abadicio is DJ Montano's business partner in a PR company in the Philippines.
Philip PAYS for DJ Montano's list of contacts.
So when you attend one of Philip's events, you are really attending one of DJ Montano's events as well.
I bet you didn't know that.
DJ works behind the scenes and helps Philip create events and such.
PLEASE help me stop Philip!
He is a back stabbing JUDAS!
And Philip, you will burn in HELL for what you have done to me.
I am now compiling a list of Philip's clients and they will be NAMED and SHAMED for doing business with these criminals.

The entire time Philip Abadicio has been communicating with me, he has been DJ's business partner. They have a PR company In Manila together.
HOW Philip, could you betray me like this?

When you told me you were HIV positive, I WAS THERE FOR YOU FOR WEEKS!!!!
You fucking scumbag LIAR. I was a TRUE friend to you, but you were USING me for information to feed DJ Montano!!!!
You came to Boracay and boo hooed on the beach.
Remember Philip you fucking Judas, there is NO shame in having HIV!!!!!!!!
Now be free you c--t!
Sing it from the roof tops you smelly hideously ugly piece of shit.

HOW could you do this to me Philip?
I HATE YOU NOW Philip and you will pay for the rest of your life for what you have done to me now.
I will NOT keep your secrets now.
DJ spent MY fucking money.
And now I AM BROKE.

It has just come to my attention the Philip Abadicio is DJ Montano's business partner though a VERY good friend of mine, who only just found out this morning.
I'm so angry and shattered.

Bewildered really.
When Philip told me he was HIV positive, I was there for him.
I mean, this is just so unbelievably shocking to me.
The betrayal is overwhelming.
HOW could Philip be partners with the man who stole my money?
Philip, after all that I've done for you, you TRICKED ME!!!!!!

Philip is also HIV positive, so one would think that he would protect me and defend me against what DJ did to me. He told me HUNDREDS of lies. I just can't believe it.
Every time something like this happens to me, I get angrier, and I start to spill the secrets that I know.
And Philip, I am going to spill spill spill you evil bastard!

DJ stole my entire life's savings and now Philip, I just found out has been in business with him ever since he stole my money! Even Before!

I can hardly see straight.
Everyone knows now you fucking Judas.
No secret now Philip.

You want to live a secret and hide behind your shame?
Well not on my watch Philip.
Your done now mate.
In cyberspace forever.
I hope it was worth it Philip.
And I will be printing everything about you now.

Because all the boys you have BOUGHT and fucked without rubbers can HUNT you down now FUCKER!
All the prostitutes on Boracay who you have bought and screwed can look for you now and ask you if you gave them HIV.

Philip, I did NOT want to tell people you have HIV, but you have left me with no choice. I owe you nothing after this ULTIMATE betrayal.
Your business partner DJ Montano STOLE my life's savings.
HOW could you be in business with him when you KNOW what he has done to me?

Readers, this fucking evil dog has been writing to me in private.
He NEVER told me he was in business with DJ Montano.
He never told me anything.


DJ told me many times that YOU were the crook Philip.
He told me to NEVER speak to you because you are not to be trusted!
And NOW I find out that you and he are business partners.
And have been for the LAST FUCKING YEAR!!!!!!!

Philip, being HIV positive should automatically put you on my side.
We are supposed to support each other.
But you have sacrificed me so you can make money.

You KNOW DJ stole my life's savings.


I mean I'm crying as I type this.
You have devastated me Philip.
You have proven to me once again.. JUST HOW EVIL people can be.

You tricked me Philip.
Now the whole country knows you have HIV.
Because you deserve no sympathy from me whatsoever!
And I will not help you when you drown in my truth!
I am going to tell everything I know about you Philip.

WHY should I be loyal to you when you have been playing me for a fool.

Readers, I am completely beside myself with rage and confusion.

Philip... YOU TOLD ME TO TRUST YOU!!!!!!!

And I've just found out that you and DJ have been working together this entire time!!!!!

DJ told me last year, that YOU were a huge scammer when we were together.
He can NOT be trusted DJ said.

How could you do this to me Philip?
I'm going to destroy you now mate.
I'm going to tell everything I know about you which is a ton, and YOU know it you mother fucking c--t!

The count down begins......

Please readers,
I need your help. I just can't believe this is happening.
Philip told me to TRUST him.
And this is what he did to me.

He's PARTNERS with DJ Montano for fucks sakes.
After everything I've done on this blog.
Philip Abadicio is BUSINESS PARTNERS with DJ.
Philip KNOWS DJ stole my money!
He empathized with me for MONTHS!

I am waiting for the list of every company that does business with Philip Abadicio and DJ Montano.

HOW could Philip do this to me?
He is in business with the DEVIL!
I helped him with his HIV.
He told me I was irreplaceable.
And NOW I just found out that he is DJ's BUSINESS PARTNER!

The gloves are OFF Philip.
You are now public enemy # fucking ONE you filthy traitor.
You sup with the devil, therefore you will go to hell with the devil too.

You got that mother fucker?
I want to die.

But not before you Philip!
I kept your HIV secret because YOU told me I was a friend!
And this is what you do to your friends?
Well, IS IT?
You will well and truly rot for this Philip.

So prepare for the wrath of my blog.
Because it's about to come down on you like a TON of bricks.

I'm going to tell ALL!
No one in Manila is safe now!
My gloves are well and truly OFF now!
Millet..... YOUR NEXT!
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