23 July 2008

JOJI the Molester Part 4/8

Hi Brian,

I read the articles about Joji and I must say that all the articles posted are true and I have some things to share. I first heard his name from a friend, who is also a model. Since I was in the PR/Events business he shared some stories about male models here in the Philippines, since I was asking a lot of things from him. This was his story.

Apparently, his friend, **** ***** (famous commercial model) asked him if he wants to earn big money in one night and he said yes since he was in need of some cash that time. What he needs to do is just go with them, and party and take Ecstasy. When they arrived in Greenbelt he was introduced to Joji Dingcong, and from there one of the models, gave him the tablet and asked him to take it. While partying, Joji gave my friend, 3,000 pesos for being there and for accompanying him to the party and after which he asked the other models to go with him to Embassy and that he will give them additional 3,000 pesos if they would go with Joji. So the models went with Joji to Embassy and received additional 3,000 pesos. While they were in Embassy Joji whispered to my friend and told him that he can add more money and give out 15,000 pesos to them that night if he's willing to go with him to his apartment. My friend politely said No to the offer since that night he already received 6k from Joji, as courtesy my friend told Joji that he will just introduce another friend whose also a model here in the Philippines. My friend introduced ********. (guy from the McDonald's commercial). They went to his condo. The three (Joji and the 2 very young models) were in one bed. Friend pretending to be sleeping while Joji was between them. My friend unaware of what was going then heard a violent reaction from ********. I don't know if he ran out of the condo but got paid. I really don't know.

joji dingcong..will he ever be stopped?

Yes Joji is still preying on these young guys in exchange of fame,etc..he is still very active now.

I also was told that he's banned from going to Embassy because he was caught sniffing cocaine outside the CR of Cuisine and also was caught giving someone a blow job inside.

Joji's famous line to every guy is: "Ill take good care of you, I'm a good guy"

Thank you..

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