17 July 2008


joji's bitch on the beach?

Wow, I'm in total shock readers!

I've received over one hundred e mails about this Joji Dingcong creature since YESTERDAY.
Apparently he's been molesting his talent forever and a day.
And he loves to molest potential talent as well.
Most whom never make it, once he's through with them.

But he's not the only one who's been abusing his position in order to have sex with young talent in the Philippines entertainment industry. But his drug taking and drug pushing is legendary and he MUST be stopped.
Another producer/agent in Manila has also come onto my radar as well. I've received over fifty e mails on him too! And I know this person so I'm in total and complete shock. I mean I'm dying inside. Its just all too tragic.

And WHAT about JOJO Veloso? (there you go readers, clarification)
Evil child molesters!
What ever happened to the Philippines being a Catholic nation?
Catholic my fucking ass.
It's all rubbish. It's a giant fraud.
What a bunch of horse shit, this Catholic stuff.
These people are all going straight to hell, NOT heaven, and so are the people who stand by and watch this happen without doing anything about it.
Don't you people even care about your youth being molested by these evil monsters?

Joji Dingcong is nothing but a monster molester who preys on young people with big dreams of escaping the poverty in their lives for the glitz and glamour of show bizz.
And he knows he can get away with it like JOJO did. Scott free.
He's been preying on young people in the Philippines for many years.
WHEN will the Philippines police arrest him?
It really makes me sick. Joji should be reported to the police for his behaviour.
He SHOULD be in jail.
Taking advantage of young people with dreams is huge in the Philippines entertainment industry. Poor kids are the number one target, because they're so desperate to escape their hideous lives of poverty and destitution.

I wonder how other people can just stand by and watch these evil talent agents use and abuse and discard young kids after they are through with them.

Joji Dingcong is a drug taker and a drug pusher.
My readers who write to me are not lying. There are far too many of them!

Hey, listen... I don't care if it was Jojo or Joji who molested their victims. They are BOTH the same. Evil brothers! So piss off with your 'get your facts straight, ok?


If you are a a parent and you child expresses interest in the entertainment industry, DO NOT SEND THEM TO JOJI. He will not only give your children drugs, but he will molest them as well.........in his apartment.
Joji Dingcong is a fucking filthy animal who takes advantage of the star struck Filipino youth. He loves to have his cock sucked by young wannabe stars. FACT!
He's NOT the only agent in the Philippines who does this mind you. There are many others. And I am investigating claims that Joji has molested more then one minor over the recent years. That's right readers. Joji Dingcong is a child molester and drug pusher.

The people he represents should know their agent diddles with his 'talent'. If you suck his cock, you just may get a gig, or a photo shoot. I wonder what some of his stable of talent had to do to get where they are. I have received many e mails about Carlos Concepcion as well. Is fame so intoxicating, that these people will sacrifice their honor and dignity for it? Carlos mate, go see a therapist, because what you have endured at the hands of Joji is not worth what you have as a result of your fleeting and transparent type of fame. You are only famous in the Philippine mate. And really, that means absolutely nothing at the end of the day. NOTHING!
It makes me sick how so many people in the Philippines entertainment industry knows this is common but do nothing, Why? Why does no one speak out?
Tessa? You are an elder in the industry. WHY do you not speak out against these practices?
I love you Tessa and I think your both beautiful and brilliant, but young people around you are being abused. And you know it. So please speak out against it. PLEASE help keep these scumbag 'agents' in check. You claim to love your country and your industry, well please show it by helping to protect the most venerable ones within it. Like I said Tessa, I adore you and think you are one of the true shining stars in the Philippines, so please say something about this horrible practice.
People in this industry are so fucking shallow, they only care about themselves. Its both sad and true. But I
know you are different Tessa. Please help put an end to this practice of Joji's. He is a feral rabid dog who needs to be put to sleep.
A bullet to the head will suffice.

Here is a follow up e mail I received today about one of Joji's victims.

Thanks Brian, it does mean a lot to me. btw I just saw a post in Kitty Go's blog referring to my email too.
Thanks for forwarding it...
I think she forgot to read the part in my email that I do have a day job, though...
I'm now a call center agent (just started, base pay)...

She does make an interesting point though. after letting you and Kitty know about my situation (and probably many others too), I will no longer have anything to do with the modelling or entertainment industry. I think this is why many other models are afraid to speak up...
Not that I want to not be in the industry, like most people, I always had dreams of being a big star since I was a kid, my friends and family thought I had potential too...
but as a nobody who didn't even get anywhere in the start, and ending up being abused then turned whistle blower,
I practically dug my own grave in that "industry"...
but it was an industry I was never a part of in the first place, anyway...
I guess there is no love loss, it's just the end of a childhood dream.

I hope Carlos Concepcion (met him before, seemed like a nice guy) and others open their eyes soon too.
They should stop being afraid of their agents and speak up.
This has to end very soon.

Thanks for listening

.................................. No problem mate, I'm always here for you ...... or anyone else with a story to tell.


carlo's dick...or joji's dick?

predator..joji dingcong
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