17 July 2008

DJ Montano ..... MY Inspiration for this blog..

I want everyone to remember who is TRULY responsible for this blog.
Delfin Justiniano Ocampo Montano II.

70,000 Dollars.



I will only close this blog when I get my life savings back.
And not one day sooner.



OMG, I CAN'T believe how many people are saying the kids who want stardom deserve it!
Some people are so sick in the head. HOW can you defend these guys? Do you work for them? Do they get you jobs in the industry, or are you simple OK with what they do to the innocent youth in the Philippines? Or maybe, you've had one of their cocks in YOUR mouth and you loved it. Hmm. Maybe that's it. Well, I hope you whackos never have children who are taken advantage of like this. We should all be allowed to follow our dreams without having to choke on an agents cock. So seriously... fuck off with your crude comments about kids who are willing to have sex for a career in show bizz. You are JUST as bad as JOJO and JOJI. I am in total shock at some of the comments we HAVE to reject! I will NOT post these disgusting remarks suggesting for one bloody second that these kids WANT to be molested for a career. This is freaking me out. OMG, JOJI, you should be shot. And JOJO, well I have a surprise for you coming up. You PIG! You thought you got away with your crimes against your charges?


For all you people who are writing to me to tell me it was JOJO who molested
If these two monsters are confused for each other, its because they are both as bad as each other. Drug pushing child molesters. I can't believe that people STILL defend either of them. Its so sad.
OK, to clarify for all you people who seem to think its OK to molest minors, JOJO AND JOJI are one in the same. There is NO difference between them. Both are predators and deserve to be confused with one another. You can all figure it out for yourselves. I've planted the seed, you water it.

Don't you readers who write the hate to me know, you are only confirming my claims by telling me the names of these other people in Manila who also molest talent. I mean come on, the lines are so blurred here, its no wonder why its difficult to get the facts straight. But when it comes to this subject, fact are important, but with these two ass holes, I don't care and it does not matter because they're both guilty of drug pushing and molestation. So I'm sorry if I got JOJO and JOJI mixed up.
Big fucking deal!
They both deserve to be in jail. Not on the streets looking for more cock to suck, and EXPLOIT!

I have yet another post coming up about JOJI complete with pictures.

So spare me with the 'facts straight garbage'.
And JOJI should be going STRAIGHT to prison.

And some of the sick fucks who are leaving comments saying the kids deserve it..... well you are going to hell too! And for the fans of JOJO, I have only one thing to say to you. Have you sucked him off to for a magazine shoot of television commercial.... I thought so.
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