17 July 2008

Karma's a Bitch Pillow Biter

tim yaps feelings are hurt..boo fucking hoo

Dear Readers,

I know I was supposed to lay of Tim Yap (sorry D), but I just can't move past his latest entry on his blog, which I think is one of the worst blogs one could read. Tim Yap makes it so easy to attack his stupidity and double edged rationalization. I really think this guy is a few cards short of a deck. How he became anything is so beyond me. I mean, it truly puzzles me.

I mean, your like a GAYTARD!


Oh this will be great!

This entry is coming from a guy who denied he was a big pillow biter for many years, for fear it would effect his business and personal life. The fact that Tim Yap is a cock loving faggot is not that big of a deal to many and most of us. BUT it was Tim Yap who DENIED he was a fudge packer for years in order to move through his industry more effortlessly. In print, he denied he was gay. On television he skirted the issue about his homo loving ways. In person, he refused to answer the question.

And now his little tiny Asian ass hole is twitching because he's been referred to as a gay.

Like OMG Tim. Are you kidding me with this shit?

You make me and so many other proud gays sick to our stomach with the different ways you have avoiding telling the truth all these years.

I know that being a faggot should not determine how we are treated by society, but Tim, you were just as bad as your worst homophobic asshole for denying something that you should actually have been VERY proud of. People who look up to you are STILL disappointed that you denied your true self in order to make more money and become famous(?).

You were ashamed for so long because you denied your true self.

And you fooled many people, some of which still write me and ask me if you are gay.

Even DJ told me you wanted to be known as straight in the industry.

So Tim, YOU are the one who was the homophobic one mate.

And I tell my readers when they write to me. I say to them, oh yes Tim Yap aches for cock up his ass. Sometimes two at once.

Its just so obvious to many of us who also love cock up our asses.

Tim Yap would bend over in a wind storm.

Over backwards.

Now, that Tim has been dragged kicking and screaming into homosexual land by myself and others who were so sick of his own brand of homophobia, HE is going to accuse people of discrimination?

This is soooo rich and soooo typical of you Tim.

Bad knob goblin!


And now Yap is called a faggot and he goes crazy. I mean Tim, make up your mind for fucks sakes. Do you choke on it or what?

YOU were the one discriminating against the gays by DENYING for so very long that you were the biggest queer of all.

You created your 'empire' on the back of denial.

And now you expect your readers to empathise with you because someone on the phone called you a faggot.

Well get used to it Tim. Because that's what you are.

Its what we all are. Embrace it pussy man.

Grow a pair you pathetic wimp.

Cry on your blog about being called a name.

Holy fucking Christ mate, you should be Teflon by now.

But you only care about yourself, and NONE of the terrible horrible discrimination that others experience EVERY single day.

But because now that its actually affected you, you feel the need to shed some empathy tears on your blog.

Mate, grow up.

How dumb are you mate?

I mean really, how dumb?

Mate, your probably just trying to have your interest rates reduced by threatening your bank with exposure. You always have an ulterior motive. Its in your blood stream, like my HIV.

You want to talk about discrimination mate?

Get fucking real Tim.

Tim, I really don't want to focus on you on my blog.

I think you are truly a useless carbuncle on Manila's underbelly.

One of the worst ever.

But you make it near to impossible for me not to attack you.

Some of the things you write drive me bonkers.

I may have little education, but I run marathons around your stupidity mate.

I should have fucked you when I had the chance mate.

I would have driven some sense into that skinny little ass of yours.

I really would have punished it.


ps. please use your spell check mate, or do you even write your own entries?

The text below is from Tim's blog.

TRY to hold your food down.


I was happily enjoying the bed weather this morning when a phone call interrupted my deep sleep. When someone calls my private landline, I usually wait two rings, and then prepare myself for the caller. There is nothing more disruptive than a telemarketer sellling you everything from hotel cards to insurance at 8am, especially when you've slept at 5am after finishing tons of work the night before. Today was different though. I picked up the call, and waited for the person on the other line to speak up. He did speak up, not knowing I had already picked up the phone.

"Ano nga ba ang pangalan ng bading na to'? " The guy on the other line asked his office mate aloud. I waited for five seconds, for him to finally realize that maybe, someone was already on the other line. And that was me. "Ah, is this Timothy Yap?" he asked. "Yup!" I answered back. "Ah, this is _____ from HSBC credit cards, just wanted to follow up your payment," with the voice of a totally transformed collections personnel. "I settled my account last week, " I clarified the matter. I make it a point to always pay my credit card bills on time. "And I heard what you had just said. Have a good day." I advised him concisely and bid him adieu.

I informed an officer about the name-calling incident while still shocked at the prejudiced behavior that this "customer service" agent had afflicted upon me. I was tempted to inform Mark Watkinson, the CEO of the company, but I stopped myself from doing so. Instead, I requested his supervisor to have the agent call me personaly, so we can talk about the matter, man to man.

"Whatever you think of me is your business, I cannot control that. Being in the industry I am in, I am used to that. But your behavior was unbecoming and very unprofessional. It could have been anyone, and it would still be wrong. No one deserves that kind of prejudice and name calling," I told him in a very calm and collected voice. We were both mature, working people after all. He knew what he had done, because everything was recorded. He apologized profusely, saying that he was actually going to thank me because I had helped his brother in a fund raising event at Embassy. I let out a huge sigh--the harm had been done, and this guy's action was not going to ruin my rainy day. I love the weather, and everyday for that matter, and nobody's word (no matter how rude, or uncalled for--even if it was my "wake up" call) was going to change that.

Probably what was most disturbing was the fact was this guy used something derogatory to sound cool to his colleagues. While I had already forgiven him, it still comes as a shock that this kind of name-calling midset is still very prevalent today. Prejudice comes in many forms--mine came in the shape of a credit card collections agent.

Dear folks, when was the last time you felt discriminated upon, and how did you deal with it?

tim yap with his boyfriend
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