18 July 2008

The Montano Bandit Strikes AGAIN!

dj 'bandit' montano in fierce scam mode

Dear Brian

I have been following your blog since day 1 and I must admit, I check it at least a couple of times a day! My guilty pleasure! Especially when it was new, my friends and I talked about it a lot (who
didn’t ?!?)

Let me share my unfortunate experience with DJ and his “friends”. My ********* owns a ********** ***** here in Manila (please don’t ask which one because I'
m sure people have heard of it!) anyway, at one point (maybe a couple of years ago) I had a project that needed “marketing”so I hired DJ to do the PR for the event. Long story short, I gave him a down payment (my fault!) even if it was against my husband’s will, to do the PR thing for me. It wasn't too much money compared to what you have lost of course, we are talking 20k pesos, but still a lot of money to a lot of us. I don’t know what possessed me to give the ass a down payment when there was really nothing to start on yet but his spiel was “I am very busy so if you want to book me, you have to give me down payment” ...... AND.......... (There is more here readers, but I promised this person I would NOT reveal names and amounts). And I KEEP my promises. But needless to say, they were RIPPED OFF!

I used to think it must be cool to be friends with the “society” circle, to be able to attend nice functions all the time, to get invited to launches and parties for events, but after your blog, I realized, THANK GOD I am an ordinary person, with good friends, and we do go out to nice places and know a lot of people (even some of whom you talk about in your blog unfortunately) so suffice to say we aren’t total nobodies(for lack of a better term of course).

I just wanted you to know that perhaps you (and kitty go!) had a hand in my new found perspective in life which is to try to live it as simple as possible, be genuinely nice to others, and especially not be remotely jealous of people who have more than me because in the end, everyone seems to share a lot of things in common like taking a dump for instance! (hahaha). With so many people starving everyday, I cannot imagine that there are morons in this world who waste their money on drugs and everything EXTREME in life. All they really do is occupy precious space and they SHOULD be blasted from the face of the earth.

Keep writing…it keeps a lot of people grounded and most of the time bursts (its 2AM I cant think if I have the right plural form!) our bubble and makes us fall back to the ground!

I would appreciate it if the **** portions of this email are omitted as well as my name and email address of course, in case you wish to post this.
I'm not yet as courageous as both of you! I'm getting there!

Also, you may forward this email to Kitty, loved her books!

Best regards

***** ******


Dear Readers,

I really feel for the person who wrote this e mail to me.
I wish I could reveal the other parts of the e mail, but I can't.
People in Manila have every reason to be afraid of revealing names and amounts.
It really hurts to know I was with a man who ripped so many people off in Manila.
The 70,000 dollars I had taken is still very painful to think about as I earned the money through the hardest work you can imagine.
I toiled like a bitch for that money, and he just took it all.
THESE wonderful people also lost money they worked hard for.
It seems to me the only person who does not work hard for him money is DJ Montano, yet he ends up with it all.
Can you see and feel the tears on my cheeks readers?
I thought so.
Because I'm still distraught over losing everything.

Delfin Justiniano Ocampo Montano II has being scamming for many many years (he was taught by the best.. Aurora Montano-Laurel), and I was NEVER warned by his BFF or anyone else who KNEW he had already scammed millions of pesos from others. No one told me about him and his past. WHY? Why was I not warned until AFTER he stole my life savings? And how could Celine Lopez remain friends with DJ KNOWING full well he was a thief, liar and scammer extraordinaire? WHY Celine you filthy flea infested DOG? The two of them will never escape from my blogs clutches. EVER!
Love is a wonderful thing, but it is also a very dangerous thing if you are a good person and enter into it blindly.
And I'm a VERY good person, and did NOT deserve what happened to me.

And neither did these honest gracious people who were also victimized by DJ Montano.
So remember readers, by all means LOVE, but use your head and avoid the travesty that I continue to be smothered by daily.

Love Brian (and I really mean LOVE)
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