14 July 2008


I understand how some people think it shocking when I post things on the blog about unsavory events and questionable behaviour by certain people in Manila and the Philippines. If you needed 'undercover operation video' for every claim you make... NOTHING would be out there. I have spent THREE days working on this post. Prostitution is happening all over Manila. I know for certain that a ring of it operates out of Embassy club. I have spoken 'on the phone' with two of the people within the Abigail post. I have also spoken to an EMPLOYEE of Embassy who has also verified the story. Tim Yap should be VERY careful of who he hires because I have more than one CURRENT employee who writes to me every week. Even they are treated so terribly that they feel the need to lash out and do damage to their boss.
WHY is this?
Is it just 'malicious gossip as everyone would like to believe?
For those who wish to believe that only spite and anger drives people to write me are mostly wrong. HOW do you think the newspapers get their information?
Please. Read them and see for yourself how they use their power to take people down.
I do not want to tear people down. I am simply opening a conversation.
These people who appear on my blog need to defend themselves.
They can try to discredit my blog. Go ahead.
I have dozens of examples of the STAR paper getting it wrong. BUT they publish anyways because they KNOW they will get away with it, because people are too afraid to fight.
Malicious gossip is one thing, yes I agree.
But this blog is a leveller. Not malicious.
If people disagree with what has been written, then by all means defend yourself, or others.
However, the only way these things EVER get out in the open in Manila is if someone throws it out their for consumption.
People are just not comfortable with these types of stories.
I believe this story 100%.
I don't care if people pick it apart. Go ahead.
The people I write about are famous in one way or another., for one pathetic reason or another. Beauty? Oh please. This chick is fucking cross eyed for goodness sakes. They have every right to dispute the stories written about them. They should go on TV to defend their reputation. Defend it in print. Defend it anywhere.
You think this happens ONLY in other countries and not your Philippines.
Get real please. These stories are common in EVERY city around the world.
Its just that Manila is so familiar with cover ups and bribes, that these stories rarely see the light of day.
Abigail would not be the first beauty queen to 'sell' her services post win.
There are many hundreds of other examples.

Plus readers, please don't forget that I do NOT publish anything on this blog without first considering every possible outcome.

If people dispute any story and have proof otherwise, feel free to write me personally to put your views across.

Until then I will continue printing stories that have credibility.

They love the media when it is under their skirt, but hate it when it chooses to examine further exactly WHY they're at the forefront of the public consciousness.
I am so tired of these people leading double lives.
They all claim to be religious.
This is bull shit.
Absolute bullshit!

Defend yourselves.
Get off the stripper pole Abigail and defend yourself.
You get no free ride on this blog.
If you are not a 'high' class whore, then go on television and defend yourself like EVERY other person has to.

Since my blog started, dozens of other blogs have started. And some people have re opened their blogs as well. I know this blog have created a completely new environment in Manila. But as usual, most 99% of the people in Manila are terrified to write about things like this for fear of of their lives. This is NOT a joke.
Opening things up to a much wider audience.
That was the intention of my blog.
And it still is.
People have to deal.
Its as simple as that.


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