13 July 2008

Murder on the Dancefloor

Dearest Readers,

I continue to receive many e mails from people telling me where DJ Montano is.
I don't really care anymore, because there is a surprise waiting for him in Manila when he returns.
If DJ thinks he has escaped my blog, he's much crazier then I thought.
Any man who finds himself involved with Delfin Montano is a foolish one because sociopaths have no boundaries when it comes to deception and criminality.
DJ Montano has already paid a VERY dear price for his behaviour.
But I am NOT done with him yet.
Not by a long shot.
I still have a shit load of e mails from him begging me for money for the restaurant and travel business. I will get my money back one day.
Even if it takes years.
Its the principle like "the grandmother of all scams"Aurora Montano said.
Its all about the principle.

I have all the proof I need to completly destroy any chance he has of stealing away the savings of another HIV positive man.
Its quite simple. Many dismissed my blog as a flash in the pan.
And if DJ or his family thinks for one single second that I am prepared to let them get way with this,
they truly are a few bricks short of a load.
Murder on the dance floor.
Oh yes please.

DJ killed my groove for a while and now its my turn to kill his.
I hope you all enjoyed your Sunday.
We sure did.

Ain't love grand?
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