15 July 2008


the gorgeous misterhubs

Dearest readers,

I know I've promoted this blog already readers, but It's one of the best blogs out there.
It truly is a brilliantly hilarious blog.
All my queers should read this blog.
In fact, EVERYONE should read it daily.
His archives are also brilliant.

I do NOT know the guy who writes this blog.
I've NEVER met him or spoken to him, apart from his previous thank you e mail for promoting it the first time.
He is NOT my boyfriend (but if we were both free, I would snatch him up tout suite).
But we are both VERY happily married to our own little Pinoys.
Bless them both.
Giving a spike to another blog gives me a big thrill. I'm NOT greedy like some people.I love to share in fact, with those who are deserving.
NOT ankle dry shallow pipskeaks with three thousand readers daily!
And if I promote your blog, you WILL get a HUGE spike in your readership.
No one does this for me because they're afraid to be associated with a controversial blog.

But then again, I really don't need much promotion because I have more readers than all of these blogs combined. And I always will.
And I'm VERY proud of that fact. I've worked bloody hard for my readership.
People have stuck with my blog because they know I write from the heart, and I feel no need to promote products in order to get things for free like others do.
AGAIN, typical. Cash for comment.
I have turned down thousands of dollars worth of shit rather than compromise my blog. I have refuse all advertisers requests on my blog (all except google ads, and ALL proceeds from that will go to charity at years end). I am expected to donate at least three thousand dollars.
So suck it haters and jealous nobodies.
Where is your charity?
Dispute my facts all you want.
You know you love me!
And you know I'm right!
And you do NOT want to fuck with me either.
Truly........ you do not want to mess with me.


Misterhubs blog is not a shallow self centered blog like many others in Manila.
He does not go on and on and on and on and on and on about himself EVERY SINGLE day like some do. Fucking self centered douche bags who care about nothing but self promotion and spin. People see through it, and this pleases me to no end.
They wrote me and tell me whats going on in blog world. Because quite frankly, I can't read them anymore.
And if Misterhubs does talk about himself, its so fucking funny, that you want more.

I mean, come on you guys... can't you promote something other than yourselves and yourselves and yourselves???????
Its like totally sickening to read. My eyes bleeeeeeed for Christs sakes!
It really does get VERY sad and gross after while.
You should be ashamed for putting such rubbish out there for your few readers.

And some blogs will always have readers because there are soooooo many asshole kissers in Manila. I mean, these people ACTUALLY lick the ring!
Most people go to these other blogs because they think the owner will eventually acknowledge them at Embassy or some other shitty place, one day.
They hope and pray for that. They are silly and foolish.
Like the blogger her/himself.

I feel so very sorry for these sycophant driven blogs.
It gives the blog owners a false sense of relevancy and importance.
When in reality, they have neither at the end of the day.
At least Misterhubs blog is super duper funny!
He deserves a thousand spikes!
And other blogs will feel a spike too.
But a different kind altogether.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE fashion too (I wore JPG jr and YSL when I was like sixteen OK?), but really, lets get real for a minute shall we? Fashion is important yes, but there are so many other things to discuss as well. I did fashion already, like in my twenties, when you're supposed to do fashion! Its time for some people to broaden their horizons and grow up.

blog does not promote soap flakes or any other crappy products for money, no matter how long his family has been using them (very sad entry on your part deary). You lost all cred with that post I'm afraid.
You are a SELL OUT all the way!
TOO tacky for a spike from me I'm afraid.
VERY Manila indeed.
Almost embarrassing if you ask me.
But to each his/her own I guess.
Wallpaper? Lets discuss.

There is no annoying music on Misterhubs OR my blog that one must endure as there is on other blogs.
What is this trend with attaching music to your blog?
A recent poll suggests that 89% of people prefer a blog with no audio.
You will and do lose visitors when you have audio on your blog.


When I'm in a funk I go to Misterhubs blog and read it until I feel better, which is usually only two or three minutes, because its that freaking funny!

When I want to be reminded of the true sense of shallowness in Manila, I go to the others. It makes me feel even better about my own blog and Misterhubs.
We have credibility, where most other Manila society blogs have none.

So thanks for your blog hubs!
I fucking love it!
And I love you for creating it.
I have sent your link to everybody I know around the world.
And that is a TON of people.

I have also sent it to my best friend at Vanity Fair for inclusion in their competition this year.
I have a HUGE surprise coming up for my readers.

I'll show you all whose blog has validity.
And it ain't yours!

You will find this crazy bastards blog link on my list.
I'm VERY particular about what blogs I promote.
And I will always rave about his blog.

I think I have a blog crush.
I LOVE Misterhubs!
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