15 July 2008

Signs of the Times

Dearest readers,

One of my best friends sent these funnies to me this morning. I really love how funny grown up innocence can be.

I ALWAYS promote the fact that the Philippines is a bi-lingual country.
Thousands of people write to me and ask why I care about the Philippines soooo much.
I simply ask them to read my blog.
I have no idea why the country is so deeply in my heart.
I just LOVE Filipinos.
And I love the country too.

What an incredible advantage over other Asian countries, to be bi-lingual.
THAT'S why I get sooo fucking angry that it's soooooo far behind the others.
It should be better and could be better.
Power bills are continuing to rise.
The cost of rice is shocking.
It drives me crazy how a few families run the entire show.

I haven't told my readers yet, but I'm recognized now on the street. At least thirty times now. It frightens me a bit, because of all the death threats I receive.
I am actually afraid of being shot one day.
But a lady approached me yesterday and asked me if I was the Brian from the blog.
I told her I was and she hugged me, and told me she loved me. I was with friends.
No gun in her purse.
I cried.

I mean, the country is FULL of brilliance.... and shocking corruption as well.
And so little of the brilliance is allowed to shine, because the nation is apathetic for the most part.
Many have given up in the Philippines.
But I will NEVER give up!
I'm in this for the long haul.
I will always promote the wonderful aspects of the Philippines.......
as well as the ones which are holding it back... BIG TIME!
WHY readers, is The Philippines so far behind other countries who can't speak a word of English?
This I will never understand.

I will also never understand how some Filipinos make fun of others because they are not as formerly educated as they are. Please deal with your own pathetic insecurities in therapy. People can do without your hangups. If your cock is small (metaphor dear readers), don't take it out on others please!
These 'educated' dumb ass people are the ones keeping the country in its shackles. Angry mean hateful shackles. Making fun of your own race? Mimicking others in order to make yourself feel better about your shit life? Even Celine lies about her education. MANY people LIE in the Philippines about their education. DJ lied so much until I confronted him. But Celine is one of the worst. This bitch lies in press releases. She gets away with it because no one would dare confront her.
Celine Lopez is a liar. She is very uneducated in MANY ways.
I know they lie because I've caught them.
Its very easy to find out the truth about ones education.
So beware because I will bust you if you act like an asshole towards others who have no degree.
These 'educated' people have no idea just how dumb they actually are for believing for one second, that they are any better than an uneducated person. People who ridicule others for their lack of study or even their spelling mistakes have wasted their own education. They learned nothing about decency and respect. I feel so sorry for them, because their lives are just a steaming pile of horse shit.

There are PHD's (many of them) driving cabs in New York.
So unless you turn your education into a way of helping your fellow Filipinos, shut the fuck and ram your useless degree up your pimply ass.
Loser! And YOU know who you are people.
Many people go without the good fortune and 'the luck' of others.
So WHY should they be mocked?
Its disgusting and a VERY sad and a VERY Filipino characteristic.
If you think for one second that you're any better then the poor uneducated person next to you,
well you are the dumbest fuck-wit of all.
I stopped school at fourteen because my head was cracked open by a baseball bat held by my father.
So am I to blame because I was taken away from my family and placed in special needs care?
I am only one example of how a kid can be thrown off track.
WAY off track.
It took me a decade to recover from the horrible abuse I suffered as a child.
Its not my fault, is it?
No. it was not.
Not at all.

When you are twelve years old and your sister has to spend time every morning putting makeup on your facial bruises and ass welts, so your friends do not see them, well you can see how schooling would take a back seat.
So before you make fun of someone for their little education, take a few more minutes and try to consider the fact, that you have no idea what that kid or grown up went through many years ago.

I've travelled to over thirty countries.
I've created business, and very successful ones.
I've cheated no one.
I've led a VERY respectable life.
I'm loved deeply by both my family and my international family of friends.

My degree is the best one out there.
The degree of life.
And I graduated TOP of my class......
so its funny that I'm a bottom.


I did NOT lose out because schooling was snatched away from me in the cruelest of fashions.

And I survived, prospered and grew to be a wonderfully happy loving individual with absolutely no hang ups whatsoever.

Who is smart here readers?

So for all my readers, who may feel inferior to others because they did not enjoy the benefits of money and such, don't worry.
Your education runs circles around theirs.

I love all of my readers, despite the degree they hold or do not possess at all.
So to all you people who abuse others because you think you are smarter than them, you are the most uneducated people of all.
And you will be having a hard time getting through those pearly gates.



Here are some other VERY funny signs photographed in and around the Philippines.


Jagging pants

Bubblegum Failure

Wanted Waitress

Miserable life in a Miserable place

Oben Tooster

Keep Distans

Rules to be Follows

Dont enter your SLIPPER

Vertical Parking

Beware Fallen Objects


Hurry Cutter The Barbershop

Beauty & Wellness Spa

Do not Inter

Sweet Shirt for only 35 each

Laundry make to much noise

Pacquiao on Parade

Setting not allowed

Sipsip Ebak

This is Eat

Wanted House Maid and Wetress

Alisbo Memorial Chapels

This way to comfort room

Free noodles in pawnshop

Men of work


Notice - Public Bar

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