29 July 2008

Someone's a bit JUMPY

joji dingcong...finished?

Dear readers,

I'm not finished with Joji Dingcong yet. But almost. The rest is up to the entertainment industry in the Philippines. If you all want and accept these people in your ranks, well good luck at the gates as it were. This e mail was left in the comments section of the new blog created in his tattered and much sullied name..... and rightfully so as well. The person who left this comment is a good old Manila cowboy or cowgirl or one in the same. It could be Joji himself. Who knows?
But I do know one thing.
The creator of the Joji Dingcong blog is a victim of the man himself. He is very brave as well. All victims who come forward ultimately help many others. Bravo I say. Bravo!
A trailblazer of sorts.
Um, the creator is this victim.
His word against Joji's.
I know who the judge will believe.
Trust me.
I do NOT bend in the breeze that comes from Makati dearies.
I will contribute all the info I have to bolster any case brought against my blog friend, who for the record, I've never met. But a friend he is.

Us against Joji.
Let's roll!

People who write silly e mails like the one below need to take a breath.
And leave children alone.

Threats are all too common in the Philippines when it comes time to tell on others. The creator of this blog is a VICTIM of Joji, so do you think he's afraid of a lawyer? I will personally help this person if he is EVER given a hassle by anyone in Manila. I'm an advocate for the safety of children and young people everywhere in the world, like millions of other people are as well. It's just too bad for Joji that I care so much about Filipinos. And this practice has been going on for far too long. Real talent is missing out on the big prize because they won't go down on Joji or Jojo or any of the others.

All of this 'get a lawyer' shit is ridiculous. Montano's used the word lawyer like it was going out of style. It's how they scare you. Typical.
And many cave. Too many!
Justice never truly served.
Manila style. Cowboy style.
Why bother creating a shit storm in a Philippines court, where so many people would be dragged into something that only JOJI should have to answer for?
Nope, I like this blog thing.
If you're guilty, well deal.
YOU get a lawyer, if you're not.
But no one wants to spend.
No one will give me my chapter eight.
Like DJ Montano threatened to do.

OOOOOoohhh, sooooooo ssccaarrryyyyyy.......
It's all just smoke and mirrors.
Just a rotton Ridge over troubled waters peeps.

The landscape has definitely changed now.
And everyone is coming undone.
As it should be.

I can see it in the distance.

Hey thanks a lot Brian for putting the link in your blog. Oh btw, there's a comment below (which I approved anyway), for you to see. I cant believe how blind this guy is. He is talking to one of joji's victims! I dont make this shit up.

keep up the great work
bri! :)

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Anonymous

To: **********
Sent: Tuesday, July 29, 2008 3:45:14 AM
Subject: [
Joji Dingcong] New comment on the letters.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "the letters":

Whoever did this blog had maliciously with intent prepared this blog to accuse Joji. If you have proof of it. You should put this into a court. Get a LAWYER. Not in a blog. This is LIBEL in its PURE FORM. You could be put into prison for this too.

If Brian
Gorrel asks you to do it, then you should think about it and be very careful about this. As they say in law, you are only proven guilty unless charged. I ask you to take this off. If you are not going to put this blog off, I will refer everything in this blog to the Law Society of the Philippines.

If you have grievances, you
dont do it this way. Get a lawyer from the Philippines. Don't do what Brian Gorrel is doing.

Attorney Out-Law But could Be Dangerous

Dear Writer,

After six months, one would think you could spell my name correctly you scardy cat.
Only Joji Dingcong should be in jail. You dear writer, made it worse by writing this dumb ass comment. So this special Joji entry was created JUST FOR YOU!
And I don't ask anyone to do anything for me by the way. WTF!
Don't you think people HAVE THEIR OWN MINDS?
Do you think I control people?
You underestimate your own people.
The climate has changed now.
You may need another layer of clothing.


UHG! Please do something good in your life (for once?) and campaign for children and young people instead of their abuser.


I've written this blog from Australia and Canada.
I have also posted from Malaysia, Thailand, Japan and the Philippines.
I write this blog because I'm free.
Free from the archaic system of libel laws and bullshit in the Philippines.
But many more are starting to write too.
The floodgates may not be open fully yet,
but they ARE leaking.


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