30 July 2008

ART and FRIENDS.. and more ART in Toronto

First let me say Thank you to the MANY people who forwarded to me Millet Mananquil's e mail address, her phone numbers and her private home address. I didn't need all that, but its great to see TEAM BRIAN on the ball.
Thank you. Now I can clear something up with her before I write about it on the blog.


Thank you to everyone for taking such a keen interest in my new life in Toronto.

Your e mails have been both helpful and comforting.
I hope these pictures will give you an idea how nice it is here in Toronto. My house is incredibly comfortable, and settling in has been easier than I thought it would be.
Although I miss my dogs VERY much, life moves on so to speak. Pickles and Lucy are safe and well with their other daddy.
And next week, Sanny and I are planning to adopt a dog from the Toronto Humane Society.
You can imagine how happy I am about that.
And you KNOW I will post a picture of the new addition to our family.

I've been very lucky, to have had wonderful artists as friends for pretty much my entire life.
I know I'm very humbled to be very influenced by both the artist and their work.

I've also received some new photos of Siesta this morning from my boyfriend.
I was so happy to see her with a peanut butter jar.
I'm told she's very naughty and very fat.
And VERY loved and adored too.
The perfect combination I think.

Bad Siesta, bad.
Papa loves you.

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