08 July 2008

THE STAR to FIRE Millet Martinez Mananquil?

far too old to be modern...millet must go!

Not yet, but they should!

My precious little DIVA elves are whispering in my ears.
They're telling me that the STAR is going crazy.
They are planning an assault against me.

Bring it bitches.
You think this blog is harsh........


Tick Tock.........

Millet should be in prison for her crimes against good decent journalism.
WHY do woman (?) like her get away with it over and over again.

Imelda, Glo Glo, and this c--t Millet.
I have received dozens of e mails about MM today.
TOXIC stuff readers.

From some VERY interesting sources.


Millet, I DARE you to retort anything I have said.
YOUR threats do not affect me Millet.
I'm not one of your pathetic ass lickers dear.
I don't need a job from you or your corruption.

I know all about you
Tita Ex Deal.

And I am going to spill it like you've never imagined I would or could.
I want your ass fired from the STAR.
You are everything that is deadly wrong about Manila and the Philippines.

You have humiliated that paper for long enough.
And you have watched for too long your charges terrorize the scene for the sake of your shit rag paper, the STAR.

You're far too OLD now and should retire Millet.
I can smell your Ponds bleaching cream from here.
You know love, to the place where they send old racing dogs and horses.


Now that's a STICKY situation!

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