09 July 2008

The Terminator will KILL the DJ

the terminator is coming to a theater near you!


If I find out who is spreading the ridiculous rumor that
Montano and I have re united, I will completely and utterly destroy you.

You hearing me?

I want to see DJ in a jail cell, not my bed.
He is the devil and I have shown this to be both true and factual.

My new boyfriend is the most wonderful man on earth.
I'm completely and utterly devoted and hopelessly in love with him.
DJ will NEVER know the joy and bliss I now feel coursing through my veins.
And this gives me a great feeling of satisfaction.

I have never been happier in my life then I am now.

DJ Montano can rot in the pits of Hell.

Because in his mind, that's where he already is.
My happiness is off the register readers.
There are no words one can use to describe how happy I am with my STUNNING GORGEOUS BEAUTIFUL PINOY MAN.


I pity the person who dares spread this falsehood.
I will not stop until DJ Montano not only pays me back, but until he has suffered as much as he made me suffer.

And you all know I can be vicious.
But you have never seen the full extent of my ability to achieve balance.

Just wait and you will NOT be disappointed that you have.

Tick Tock......
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