10 August 2008

Aurora Montano Scamming Again

the grandmother of all scams, Aurora Montano

Dear Readers,

I'm told (only minutes ago) that Aurora Montano and the entire disgraced Montano clan is feeling some very harsh anger from the Laurels. This has been the case for many months now. I'm told they want this matter between DJ and myself settled, but Aurora refuses to budge. She should DEMAND that her son give me back my money at this point. They have nothing to gain and everything to lose. Until that happens, Benjie has been 'frozen' out. Aurora Montano is having so many problems with her bank and her un-developed land parcels that she can't off load. It seems no one wants to do business with her now. The location of her land is indeed next to a stagnant creek which is another reason. The smell is terrible I'm told. She's also struggling to pay for airfares. DJ's perhaps?

I'm also told that the Montano clan still owes Fridays on Boracay P400,000 for the step daughters wedding. DJ was in charge of the money(how stupid can they be?). Was the money given to him and spent on other things? Did it just vanish like mine did?
We believe this is the case.
Who is we?
Can't tell because it's far too earth shattering.
Aurora would die on the spot.
I can only wish.

So lending DJ the 70,000 dollars so he could give me back the money he stole is not an option for her anymore. I've always suspected that the disgraced Montano clan was broke. I mean, DJ was nothing but smoke and mirrors. And that's why he stole all of my money and ersonel belongings. He is nothing but a common thief.

Is a separation on the cards, between Aurora and Benjie?
It's what I'm being told.
Living apart already?
And where is DJ now?
The shamed 'only' son.
Her demonized off spring?
The end on the disgraced Montano clan is coming soon.
The old General would be rolling in his grave.
And DJ's dad?
How did he die again?
Oh yeah.. that's right.

DJ Montano is completely disgraced in the Philippines now, and his name will be infamous forever, like all criminals who are dark and deceptive. When he dies, he'll be in good company in Hell I suppose. He's a humiliating embarrassment and rightfully so. No one should ever get away with what he has done to me and many others.
Why else would DJ flee Manila? Because veryone knows now, who he really is.


DJ has no guilt, and I'm not even done with him yet.
I never wanted to involve the good Laurel name into this blog, but Benjie left me with no choice. He created this mess too.
How could you believe a well known fleecer Benjie?
You should grow a set of balls mate like Aurora. She has bigger balls than you Benjie.
Instead of standing up to her, you let her son destroy your reputation. Even after acknowledging DJ's many faults, and his past history with scamming other innocent people, Benjie and the disgraced Montano family chose to support him against what what decent and good. I was never paid back. Not one single dollar. And they will never get away with it.
Trust me.
So I will continue reporting on any Montano information that makes its way to me.
This family is finished in the history books now.

the disgraced montano woman..all four of them
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