11 August 2008

Vicky Belo Lives In A Slum

the life for many Filipino

the lavish life of vicky belo

I know I've mentioned this before, but I'm sickened to the core by the amount of money that Vicky Belo spent on her lavish 'scalpel shop' celebration. I'm overwhelmed by the reality that is Manila. Some people just do not care about anything but themselves. It has to stop. Vicky Belo is a sad sad creature indeed. Millions suffer under the weight of poverty and destitution, and Vicky and her friends live in a fantasy world. They are the benefactors of Philippines society. But why? 

Vicky, your ego is out of control. Screw the poor you say?
Why do you think you're so special? 
How can you justify such lavish spending (one million dollars?????) when those around you suffer? Some things must change Vicky. You must change your behaviour to reflect the reality of your environment. Imagine what 200,000 dollars could afford to buy for others. Instead you spent it to import a striptease artist from America. Its so gross. You're gross Vicky. You hired a well known child abuser as your party planner. Have you no decency? Do you not read Vicky?

I'm not done yet with you Vicky Belo. I have an abundant amount of information on you, and I will spill. 
I mean honesty Vicky. Have you so shame?
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