19 August 2008

The BEQUEST Official Trailer

Dear Readers,

I love story telling animation so when I found this fantastic Pinoy project in the works, I got really revved up . I reckon the creators of this movie are trail blazers in the Filipino animation community. Their funding is virtually non existent, so it's an obvious labor of love.
The Philippines arts community is amazing considering there is little or no money around for artistic frivolity which usually drives any significant movement, large or small.
Although fashion is indeed art, it's not the only kind in Manila.
People seem to be obsessed with fashion.
Just one pair of P100,000 shoes should and could fund an entire short film for a struggling animator/dreamer/devote/genius? You never know.

Without proper consistent funding for the arts, it's the masses who are most effected over time.
Not the idiots with Picasso on their walls..... Celine.
The rich simply do not understand and do not care enough about artists.
They only care about the value and prestige of the end result.
Telling history is important.
Telling it through the arts is crucial.
Buying art for the right reason is not hard.
You only have to put your heart before your pocketbook.
Art is perfect energy so it's a great trade off.
Win win for everyone.
And artists need more win/win and less win/lose.
Love equals energy.
Art equals love.

Please support the arts if you can. There are so many ways to help the wonderful artistic sub culture move forward faster in the Philippines without spending money.
But those who can should. Because the art of ones nation is what underpins its spirit and relevancy in the bigger world. And the poor Philippines is already struggling for that.
And by support, I do NOT mean spending eight million pesos to have a Deeta Von Teese perform at your over the top party... Vicky.

By simply acknowledging an artist and considering their effort is enough for many.
Commenting is the next step. And the learning comes naturally from the exchange.
Just take the time to look at some art. All forms of art including theater and dance.
And always remember that behind every creation, there is a Filipino, trying to do good with the gifts that God gave them.

Thank you very much B.

By the way, I belong to a group of amateur animators from iloilo city, Philippines. we made the first animated short film in our city which is about the origin of dinagyang festival entitled The BEQUEST: origin of dinagyang...it tells how dinagyang festival started and validated by Philippine history...that includes a fusion of 3 historical events in the Philippines-- the barter of panay (10 bornean datus who came to Panay island in 13th century), the arrival of ferdinand magellan/spaniards in 1521 and the gifting of Sto. Nino image to the San jose church in Iloilo in 1968...these gave birth to dinagynag festival, the most famous festival in this country. We hope to gain more attention someday with our dream to revolutionize animation in the Philippines. our group name is "kuris animation unlimited" Kuris means "scribbled line' or a line drawn by a pencil, its an Ilonggo word. you can check our blog at


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