19 August 2008

Just Married

wow, stunning bride and bride

ellen and portia..wedded bliss

American Ellen DeGeneres, 50 wed Australian Portia
de rossi, 35 on Saturday night.
Gay marriage is wonderful for those who wish to make the ultimate plunge into foreverland.

I'm one of them.
I also look forward to getting married one day.
I am so in love.

And who would have thought that America would be the country who would ultimately change the worlds perception on gay marriage. Yes, there are other countries who embrace gay marriage but America will be the most important by far.
I congratulate these two fine woman.
They should enjoy all the rights and benefits of their heterosexual counterparts.
I only pray that Californians votes to retain it in November. If they don't, many people will be shattered and despondent. and single again in the eyes of society. And the gays have been through enough thank you very much!
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