19 August 2008

Another Balance Blog

from his blog-

The Professional Heckler is Loi Reyes Landicho: a snooty and agnostic online political humorist from Makati City. He’s affiliated with a broadcast network for exactly a decade and six months now. He also writes for two television programs in two other networks, and serves as a contributing editor in a glossy (campus) mag.

I LOVE the The Professional Heckler blog so much. I've learned a MILLION and one things from the blog. I've only just realized he was off my favorite list. I don't know how that happened, because I've already promoted it once. But I have to again because of his content. It's so great and important too!
Please read and support this brilliant super funny intelligent blog. I think Loi has established a fantastic 'bench mark' (along with Hubs) for others to strive for (myself included). He writes about important things but from a different unique perspective. A true blue Pinoy perspective which is something I'll always lack to a certain degree. His most recent post about Gloria (among other things) is great.

I hope more blogs like the Heckler pop up. Balance blogs I call them. Skirting the edge of what's already accepted is good I suppose. But jumping out into the unknown is brave and in the case of Heckler, funny too.

Great blog!
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