07 September 2010

Haterhate Destroyed!


Sue here, a close friend sent me the haterhate site where in I was being lambasted and was tagged as your hacker friend. I also saw my Resume being altered to appear that I am a good for nothing $hIt. Anyway, I wrote wordpress a long letter and had the blog closed yesterday. It is but ironic that because I supported your cause, my name has to be shamed the way that Haterhate site did. Im in a good place now. Let John know that I appreciate all your help. I love you guys!! haterhate is gone. for good hopefully.

*** Original post below, dated 21 August 2008 ***

Haterhate is now bacon

Dear Readers,

As you well know, I get quite a few hate letters from time to time.
You're bound to get these when you have a blog like mine especially with my archives some of which are driving people crazy.
I get it and accept it, but only up to a point dear readers.
And I will only take so much before action is taken.
And when I say haters peeps... I mean HATERS.
If you think my blog is at times a bit aggressive or extreme, you should read some of the hate I get in comments (most never see the light of day). I accept it.
But when people attack me illegally or write bold faced lies on a blog, that is an entirely different situation.
Wow, my haters really love to hate me.
But what's more disturbing is when these haters start to attack my precious readership with threats of violence and at times, even death.
This I will never tolerate.
I will pounce like a cat on a bird.
I'm deadly serious.
Some people are skirting the lines of decency with me and I am becoming very impatient indeed.
I will destroy anyone who spreads lies about me especially the stories that are fabricated from scratch.
You will be closed down.

Recently, a nasty form of extortion has been attempted against me and Kitty Go in the guise of a blog.
I fight a constant battle against these parasites with no lives who are furious with me for exposing their world to the country for what it was , which was trash pure and simple.
Exposing the Gucci Gang and changing Manila forever was never my intention.
However my haters have told me time and time again through their own despicable actions, that I have indeed changed the landscape of their evil selfish drug fuelled world.
So I am proud.

Starting a blog with my name thinking they are being clever (only helps me with my HIV/AIDS message).
I understand that some people hate me because 'I told on them'.
It's what drives me forward to change things for the better, knowing I affected them so much so that they started blogs dedicated to myself and my most ardent supporters usually 'big name people'.

I want to be a friend for those who need me, while discarding forever the dark Gucci Gang cloud that prevents many others from moving forward in a fair and balanced society which Manila should be.
But it's not.
And those people who like what I do and indeed love me for who and what I represent, always buffer me against the rabid hostility vapours emitted from those ignorant GG people who will 'just never get it'.

We will close your blog down, and we never fail.
The most ridiculous blog and the most immoral blog Haterhate who has since crashed and burned for 'breaking moral guidelines' and 'engaging in deception and slander'.
So we did something about it and had it shut down.

Someone told me last week the Jenni Epperson was behind this blog.
Even if she wasn't, she promoted it once therefore she will always be on my 'to deal with later' list.
If I ever found out that this 'rumour' was true, Jenni on the block will have her head on the block.

We had the blog closed overnight.
Thank you Wordpress.
Thank you Sue.
We love you too.

Our logic will always prevail in this battle with cyber anomalies who continue snapping my heels with envy and lust for what they do not have.
A true voice among the chatter.

I was told that unless I made a payment to a third party, I would die.
Kitty was also threatened in a very disturbing fashion along these lines.
And that upset not only myself, but others in our cyber alliance.
We were told that unless we organized what the writer wanted, our family members would be bashed or killed.


I draw the line at this rubbish, and my talons do indeed thrust forward to defend myself and those I respect and love.

My readers and I don't take kindly to threats, I can assure you.
And many of us have been around the block so we know how things work.

But when we had enough of this nonsense, we had enough.
Mobilizing my cyber posse was not hard.
We are always here to protect and defend the truth.
And we did just that.

Haterhate is now CLOSED!

We had this Wordpress site
closed down overnight.

Hater Hate is just a cloud of dust now.

When you are ignorant and threaten me (in any way), you must understand that I take it very seriously and I will take action.
And WITHOUT threats of violence, I will deal with you eventually.
I ABHOR violence as you all know.

But the written word is magical when used lawfully.
Some people will never learn that we are different, the good people.
And the good people always win.
And the Haterhate's of this world always lose.
Because they are losers.
Balance is beautiful.

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