08 September 2010

Divine's P1,803,200 Bag

.....Her bag was an Hermes Crocs Birkin—which, according to www.bagthatstyle.com, would cost from 30,000 to 40,000 U.S. dollars or 1,352,400 to 1,803,200 pesos!

For ONE bag Divine?
How gross.
You remind me of Imelda Marcos the way you brag and show off your closets to anyone who wants to film them.
Have you learned anything in the last two years?
You STINK of conspicuous consumption Divine.

Your dodgy daddy has obviously been sniffing glue to give you this much money for your sad life of shoes, clothes and more clothes and even more shoes.
And don't tell us you 'earned it' Divine.
OR that you worked for it because we all know that is not true.
You have never earned a single thing.
Except for your sad reputation as a clothes horse clone of Celine Lopez.

I wish you would stop pretending to be a business woman Divine.
The joke is over and no one believes you anyways.
I wish you knew what people really think of you.
Talking about being a business woman does not actually make you one.
Grow up and just admit that you are a globe trotting retail label whore and leave it at that.
It's embarrassing but it's the truth.
You are just like Celine Lopez without the cocaine.
All style and no substance!

Wake up Divine.
All you do is brag brag brag about your clothes, shoes and 'accessories'.
When I googled your name, it was sad what came up.
So far you have led the most shallow life of anyone I reckon.
Even more shallow than Celine Lopez, and that is hard.

Not a dot of charity attached to your name Divine.
Selling your old clothes to the poor like Celine Lopez did is no longer classified as charity Divine, or didn't you get my memo?
Do more CHARITY and stop bragging about your gross shoes and your gross amount of clothes and jewels and all the other shit that you think is important.
Divine, you truly make me want to vomit.


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