03 August 2008

CAT FIGHT! Angelina LOPEZ VS. Imelda (Emily) Relucio

angelina lopez with Relucio in a headlock

Relucio VS Lopez
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Let the cat fight begin.
Round Two.

Dear readers,

These are old (like Emily) documents (2002), but they sure are juicy.
Angelina Lopez is FIERCE and I bow down to her for having to deal with this reptile Emily.
I mean she had her entire life snatched away from her by that social climbing tramp.
I'm being told by my special little elf that Angelina Lopez is about to fry Emily's ass in court.... for real this time.
Secret secret.
You see, there is a rather large issue to clear out of the way.
Divorce is illegal in the Philippines.
If Albertito is indeed a Muslim (fucking hilarious), and not a Catholic, then why does he not pray like a Muslim? Who married them? Where is the proof?
They both drink and sin like bitches. This is a bloody joke if you ask me.
God don't want you two anyways.
But neither does Mohammad.
You two really blew it big time.

Please find below court documents clearly stating that Emily Relucio is in fact a money grubbing whore.
Personally, I'm surprised Angelina is still alive.
I've heard things. Crazy things.
BUT nothing surprises me anymore when it come to Emily Relucio.
She is truly EVIL!

There is no question who is the ACTUAL Lopez, and it's NOT Emily Relucio.
It's Angelina LOPEZ.
I'm looking forward to round two of this battle between the Albertito's WIFE and his mistress.
Like mother like daughter, right Celine?
You're both useless buckets of chum.

Go Angelina!
I will always be in your corner against that toe rag Emily.
Kick her ass babe!
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