04 August 2008

Doris Duke and Imelda Marcos

billionaire doris duke
a much younger imelda marcos

This is from Doris Duke's will (I don't know if IMELDA paid, I think Doris bailed her out or something BIG).
I bet you she didn't pay!

I direct that my Executors make reasonable arrangements with IMELDA MARCOS (or the legal representatives of her estate, if she shall not survive me) for the repayment of the Five Million Dollars ($5,000,000), plus accrued interest, that I loaned to her pursuant to a demand note dated March 6, 1990, such repayment to be made when Mrs. Marcos and the Philippines government settle their financial dispute or at such other time as my Executors shall deem appropriate in their absolute discretion.

For the entire will go

To know who is Doris Duke..(daughter of a billionaire)-

There was a movie about Doris..I think it was Doris and Bernard (Susan Sarandon and Ralph Fiennes)
Bernard was her Butler and inherited everything!

I wonder who will inherit Imeldas millions?

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