05 August 2008

Celine Lopez Spotted in San Francisco

my favorite picture of Halibreath aka Celine Fauxpez

-from a friend in San Francisco

Hey Brian,
Dunno if I missed this on ur blog or maybe i've not gotten caught up coz i've been so busy but around that time that DJ was here in SF, CELINE was spotten on Saturday, July 19th in a restaurant/lounge called Red Lantern. Dunno if u knew she was here too. A friend who was partying there told me just tonite that he saw her. Not with DJ though.
Hope you're having a grand time enjoying life in Toronto!



Celine, if this is true, you're much sillier than I thought.
I've been told by many people that you're still best mates with DJ.
I'm just waiting for that extra special tip off.
Take care Celine.

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