04 August 2008

Please Sir..... Can I Have Some More?

hot and happy, but not looking it....

1. My site is blocked in Saudi Arabia and according to Google, many other countries as well. Not just my blog of course, but EVERY blog. UHG! I hate that. Speaking of censorship, I'm looking forward to seeing what happens in China in the next few weeks. As I am totally against the Olympics being in Beijing, I won't be looking for the positives.

2. I receive so much information everyday on the blog. I get a bit blown away by not only the volume of information, but how on earth I can put it all up there. I have over fifteen entries in my drafts folder. Hmm. Which one?
One thing that really bugs me is this rumor that keeps making its way to me, almost weekly. Apparently after Kitty Go had launched her two best selling books, Millet started and helped to propagate the rumor the Kitty was scuttling out her STAFF around to all the book shops ( all of ASIA?) to buy up all the paperbacks, so it would seem that she had a best selling book. I know (hope) the Millet knows(hopes) she is a character in Go's books. So Kitty will always have the best revenge. I hope Millet is a character in Kitty's book. There are a few bitches who she could easily play I reckon. I for one LOVE both books. And I BOUGHT mine! So there.
I've spoken to Kitty of course (after having received at least five e mails from different sources over a longish period) to ask her what she thought about it. And she told me she had sniffed a whiff of this rumor , but never really tried to track down the source, thinking it all a bit too trifle darling. Well, my source is impeccable (and very charming) and comes into regular contact with Tita Millet. I'm told she DID spread this fabled tale around corporate head quarters.... hoping it would stick. But it never did, and the success with her sold books AND the conversation they've started will live on for infamy, unlike the woman who started the ugly rumor in the first place.

3.I hate the retched bureaucracy when it grinds against me, like a lap dancer on my thigh (OMG, not that I would know that!). Waiting in line for hours for this and for that. Super important stuff, so you like have to wait. Health cards and bank account and everything else you do when you pick up stumps and shift your load. I get really nervous when I have to talk to public servants. I stutter and stumble, not at all sure of myself. I'm 38 and I feel at times, 14. I need more time to adjust to the system in Canada. Not at all stream lined like Australia after twenty years. My chest infection is keeping me down a bit. Only running at 60%. So this shit is boring me to tears. Number 124 I was.
Numbers freak me out and taking a ticket and waiting for your turn is nerve racking for me. Sanny does normally come along because she knows I get nervous in strange places.
Waiting in my Boracay bank for an hour was a treat compared to here. I mean at least the bank was air conditioned and all those Filipinos of all walks of life would inspire me when I was there. I was friends with every sort of Filipino. Every kind. I remember so many of them.

4.I'm now fascinated with Imelda Marcos. Utterly wonder struck over it all. Growing up, of course I remember something about shoes. But that's it. And naturally due to my politics, I find it hard to say anything at all nice about her now that I'm all grown up. And for the Imelda lovers out there, I'm not sorry.
It so weird though, because I was once besotted with the tales of Eva Peron as well (I'm a good gay). I was a real fanatic for some time. I even went to Buenos Aries to see the Pink Palace and the famous balcony where she stood and gave speeches and whipped the poor into a mad frenzy, not unlike Imelda once did. But at least Eva Peron threw some shit out of the train on the way through town though.
And many people (not just us Broadway gays) just find these tragic figures fascinating, but naturally from a much darker perspective. Go figure!
I would LOVE to see a Broadway play about Imelda.
OMG could you imagine the costumes. Because Imelda looked good long ago!
I will say one thing positive about her. When she was young, she was VERY pretty.

But now, with the widow Imelda, it's so different, because she's still alive. And she may even see that Broadway show yet! People don't want to hate Imelda until she's gone. I know the score. I'll be patient.
On a lighter note, DJ would turn a flush of rose whenever he thought he might see her at his 'business' lunches at the Peninsula. On the phone, he would hang around the lobby (I'm told) and wait for her to 'maybe' appear. I thought he was crazy, but he wasn't. He was just being DJ.
Imelda Montano.
DJ Morcos.
You can understand how I can confuse them. Different circumstances, but the same. One in the same?
Oh I love this blog.

5. Many special people write me to tell how they 've been ripped off too, and how it has affected their own lives. Although I'm devastated for each one of them on a personal level, I know (hope) that we've all learned something at the end of the day. The original reason I started this blog has finally come to the surface for air. Money. It's freaking me out. I had a nest egg. Security. A safety zone if you will. And without it, I'm finding my nerves are thinner than ever. I still have so much hate for the person who took my security. My start over money that I could really use now. And he is now living in San Francisco like nothing ever happened. If I only had a death ray gun. But that's only in the movies.

6. My facebook and Multiply are going great. My new Multiply friends are fantastic and I'm proud to say FILIPINO!!!!! YEAH! I'm so happy with my Multipy site. My precious secretary makes and changes the picture header weekly so even I'm surprised when I open it up. The blog will be going through a transformation of sorts very soon. There is so much going on here. I'm writing commissioned articles which I'm thrilled about. One of my editors is VERY hard on me which leaves me in tears, because I'm working on my book almost daily. The Social Sheriff blog is awaiting some special tweaks and I'm exploring some other interests as well. No rush right peeps?

7. THANK YOU for writing in to comment on the other blogs on my fav blog list. I've been looking for another female blogger to promote and the search is on. Please send me your blog so I can check it out. A girl this time because balance is EVERYTHING! And because they rock!

8. Thank you as well to my friends who are asking about my family. I've had a nasty chest infection for two weeks and am unable to fly at the moment. I'm hoping by next week I'll improve and get on with the reunion. I do not travel unless I'm in great shape in every regard. I speak to my mother often (yesterday) and we can't wait to do our special Video Blog together. I want you to meet her. She is incredibly special.

9. I was going through the blogs archives. Wow, it really has been a roller coaster of thrills and spills and tears and laughter too! I will start from tomorrow, posting 'ancient' entries. I want us all to remember how it started. I will be cleaning them up first, because the spelling and grammar is appalling to say the least. Writer? Who me? No way. But it has been six months now.

10. There is a bright side to losing all of your money. You have to be very careful about what you buy. So it makes the 'treats' extra special. On my way home today, I stopped in a fruit shop. I saw some potted lily's. They looked expensive so I asked the man behind the counter. "Seven dollars" he said. I couldn't believe it. So cheap. So I bought a pot of them and I can't wait until they open. Pink ones. I'll take pictures.
Before, I would have bought five of them and created some fabulous gay thing. But today I'm more then happy with just the one. Yes we all know that true beauty comes from within, but it also comes in a seven dollar plastic pot.


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