18 August 2008

Club Embassy Moving to QC

Embassy not welcome in Makati, heading for QC instead

Wow, some people are super angry and are starting to like super spill.

It seems like Embassy 'closed super early' club is catching some super 'major' shit from all its super neighboring bars. It's super totally getting up the asses of Ascend, Le Souffle, Alchemy, Mint, Piedra and- Prince Of Jaipur and the list is super growing, because of the not so super new
2am alcohol curfew imposed after the many 'unfortunate' incidents at Embassy.
Revenues are suffering super big time!

I'd be super pissed too!

If a patron of the place next door gets mauled by an employee/host/emcee/bartender... (what ever the fuck he was), why should every other bar suffer? That I suppose is the question that needs to be answered. And quite a few people are lining up to hear it.

I hear Embassy is feeling the SUPER 'peso pinch' because of the earlier trading hours.
Not only are the numbers way down, but there is a fear emanating from the dance floor.
Guilt by association.

Plans are being made for CLUB EMBASSY to transfer in Quezon City...

Because Makati won't accept them.

Golly gee whizz,

I wonder why?
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