03 August 2008


Who are you nut bags who still love Imelda?
For goodness sakes, she stole everything when her husband was in power.
Raped the country of everything.
She still has most of it, hidden away.
Can someone try to explain to me how she continues to walk among you?

She is more corrupt than Eva Peron was.
At least Eva did the decent thing and died.
Yes she died a long painful undignified death.
And that's the only thing Imelda deserves.
She has become sort of a cartoon character.
Kissing her rosary. It so funny to see that image.
Imelda thinks she's getting into heaven.
Now, THIS is funny.
BUT her trip is going to be a ONE WAY ticket to HELL!
Yes she is pathetic with her devilish 'Christian' tears.
Evil with her hidden money and jewels and gold.
Still laughing everyday at the country that gave her everything.
Looking down from her pink apartment in the sky.
Having the last laugh.
I don't care when people get upset with me when I slag Imelda off.
I can't wait to see what happens when she finally dies.
She should only be ridiculed and booed in the street.
Throw bread rolls at her today at The Peninsula where she loves to have afternoon tea.
She is the BIGGEST embarrassment for the Philippines.
How do you think it looks to the rest of the world, when she just walks around free after all she did to the country. Yes, I know.... she was just the wife.
I mean, they truly destroyed the country.... together.
It will never recover fully from their corruption.
Because it still runs the country today.

Cory Cory Cory people write me.
What about her?
She fucked up too.
Even though I like her very much, she was in the end a victim of the system as well.
She is the one who gave the Lopez's their powerful media arm the booster it needed to take over EVERYTHING!
I do hope that Cory and her health are much better now.
I really do respect her very much.
But she made mistakes too!
As we all do I suppose.

But fuck Imelda right up the ass!
She'll rot in hell for her crimes against humanity!
Her own humanity!

Imelda's Jewels
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