02 August 2008

Ordinary Reportage Blog

From Ordinary Reportage Blog,

Who We Are-

We are journalists and writers who believe that we can come up with alternative views from the one we read everyday from the ANGRY liberal media who hates everything and the very CORRUPT MAINSTREAM media that bores and feeds bullshit.

Dear Readers,

Wow, I just can't believe how many fantastic blogs are currently dotting the cyber landscape. Here is another fantastic and clever blog I feel I must tell you about. Yes, they wrote about this blog, but that is just a bit of what you will find on this blog. I've been watching it since its conception and I can see where its going... and I LOVE it!
It's a young blog, but a brilliant blog.
I have put it on my fav blog list.
Because it's now one of my favorites!
I don't think for a second that I have altered or changed anything in Manila or the Philippines.
That is for others to decide.
But I do know that people are getting braver and braver.
And I know for sure, that I had something to do with that.
I say bring on the blogs.
Because the other forms of media are truly tearing the Philippines down, down,down.

Brian Gorrell’s blog can hardly be considered “objective” but heck…I say that it certainly holds a LOT more of truth than the daily news you get from ABS-CBN interactive. First, Brian’s blog does not make me catatonic. He’s not boring because truth is never boring I guess. Second, it has no respect for ANYONE without decency which is good in my book. Who cares if you’re “a Lopez”? You get to someplace like Hell, Michigan and they have no idea WHO you are anyway. Only in the Philippines do people give a damn about WHO ARE THE LOPEZES and I think that’s what Brian is trying to say. He’s saying something like, the Lopez fart smells as bad as anyones (maybe worst).

Three, there must be something awfully wrong with a country where ONE family can own — the electric company, the water supply, the dsl, the cable, the phone company, plus a whole building which they didn’t buy (ABS-CBN was at the site of the former Channel Four (NBN). It was NEVER owned by them. It was a “gift” from Cory Aquino as some sort of “reparation” for the Marcos regime.Why Cory Aquino HAD to allow Lopez back and what she owes then remains a MYSTERY. I know that when Teddy Boy Locsin Jr. was Press Secretary to Cory then, he didn’t seem to LIKE the idea of giving Channel 4 (then) to the Lopezes. What eludes me is why Teddy Boy Locsin, one of the best guys in the country, didn’t try to STOP it then. Dang!

But back to Brian Gorrel’s blog.It is a phenomenon because we see that ANYONE can start a blog and not need some publisher to get an “audience”. Anyone with enough sense and detail can write and IF Brian’s blog mean the “rise of citizen journalism in the Philippines” I say GOOD! It’s democratic. There is no need for these corporate middlemen like ABS-CBN or these pesky newspapers (like the Star, yes!). If it has to take a foreigner like Brian to TEACH us to be bold and report what we now, that is enough existence for his blog no matter how others feel about it. How “others” feel about it is none of their business anyway.

To blog or start your own newspaper, you needn’t need the approval of anyone. That’s good. It’s the First Amendment in its purest form much like what Michelle Malkin or the Pajama bloggers group are doing. Hey, maybe Brian can do something like the Huffington Post (make it Huffing-TONG!). What PCIJ and the other supposed “respectable” news bloggers failed to do, Brian accomplished.

If the Lopezes are so upset with him, they leave this country and freeze their fannies in Antartica– we’d like to see them do us that favor really.

You must be wondering why I feel NOTHING but disgust over the Lopezes. Don’t YOU? Not content with owning everything, they also have to own Sharon Cuneta’s ass plus a whole stable of stars. Thus, we see someone like Judy Anne Santos lauding the Meralco despite the FACT that it cheats all of its consumers. Sad really that these stable of stars get to be “owned” by this greedy family.

I hate vampires. This family has sucked enough of our sweat and blood plus they feed us bullshit everyday in the guise of news. Add the memory of the Wowowee stampede and the smirk on Willie Revillame’s fugly face plus his blubbering English and you get a fairly good idea why we recommend that NO ONE should even take ABS-CBN seriously.

I’d go to Brian’s blog instead anytime! Now, Brian’s the more “LEGIT” press to me.

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